18 December 2013 | 2:30 am

A new boy in our life...

Every now and again over the past few years, I've wondered about the possiblity of having a boy, or slave, or pup as part of our lives.  After nearly 18 years together, Drew and I are pretty comfortable with where we are in each others' lives, and with playing
with others, together or separately.
But until recently the right guy hasn't appeared, and with our business and lack of free time 80% of the year, we haven't really gone looking actively either.  So it seemed that it
probably would just stay one of those things I wondered about!
However, at our annual summer rubber party this year, one of our guests from Canada bought along a new rubber boy from Washington.   To start with, they both arrived on 
sportbikes!  (bing!  one point! )  In full one piece leathers that matched the bikes!  (bing, two points! )  And then he turned out to be a good, intelligent and funny guy, who's not afraid to ask questions about life or explore the answers.  We played at the party and had a great time, and I was pretty sure I would see him again.
After the party we started chatting on recon and one of the things we talked about was his interests in chastity training.  For a few weeks we went back and forth, and then I made him the offer of being his chastity top for an indeterminate period of time.  He was going through a tough personal issue at the time, that wasn't going to last long, but was making life a little challenging and I thought that a bit of chastity play, along with rewards every 2-3 weeks would help him through it.   He agreed and we set up a first return visit, with him arriving by train in Tacoma and me fetching him from there.  Prior to that first
visit though, we were chatting by text, and talking about our favorite xtube videos...its' one of those things I do, because it sometimes gives good insight into what makes a guys dick hard.  Lo and behold, some of his favorites were centered around hardcore throat fucking...gag the fag style...lots of throat slime, drool, being taken to the edge of what 
you can handle.  As I have developed some very definite interests around that in the past couple years, mostly until then from a bottom point of view, I was intrigued.  We chatted quite a bit more about that, and decided that would be a big part of our first weekend
The weekend arrived, and I picked him up in Tacoma.  WE had some really good scenes that weekend, and a lot of fun.  We definitly explored our mutual throat fucking fantasies...he from the bottom, and me finally, from the top.  Woof!  We were both left wanting more by the end of the weekend.  The newest photos are some of the scenes from that weekend.  At the end of the weekend on Monday, we had the first chastity lock up, and the CB3000 was locked securely on.  We agreed for a two week period, with some duties to be performed by him, which included light daily workouts, some plug 
training, and reports to me each night on those activities.  In addition, he had stated that he would like to quit smoking, so we agreed to start whittling the number of cigarettes he had each day, down week by week.  We agreed on certain punishments for infractions, which included heavy punishment throat fucking of 2-3 minutes for each infraction, and added things like a dental gag, large cock sheath on me or Drew, or electro during it if he had too many infractions.  To say the least, it's helped keep things interesting over what is now going on 2 months for him of lock up, with 2-3 week periods between his visits.

Over the next few months, I'll add photos of various scenes, and updates as we go forward!  Enjoy, and feel free to comment!

Who knew?! Happy Anniversary to us!
10 February 2013 | 1:08 am

Today marks the 17th Anniversary of the day Drew and I met!   Pretty amazing to us both that it's been that long.....getting close to a third of my life and over that of his.   Does seem amazing when you think in those terms.   Some of the boys at various parties we've been to lately at Rubberasylums, Sparkys' and Jerry's were just starting elementary school when we met at the Cuff...yikes!    Maybe you want to know how it happened ?  ( Maybe you dont' care and only hope I post some new pics soon? )  Whichever...here it is.
I'd been dating around, mostly trying to find a nice, kinky boy I could take home to Mom some day, who was fun in the playroom and also had enough in common with me that I could spend my life with him.  Our
mutual friend Jerry, knew Drew from previous years in Seattle when he'd played with him and other mutual
friends of ours.  Drew had been living in California with his first partner of 7 years or so, who had died earlier
in the year.  Eventually he made his way back to Seattle, and was living down near Pike place market in a top floor apartment overlooking the waterfront.   Jerry knew this and thought I should meet him, so at some
point one week he said..."hey there's a guy who just moved back to Seattle you might get along with...why don't you come up to the Cuff Saturday night and I'll introduce you? "   So, Saturday rolled around and I put on my ( as Andrew would tell you ) crappy leather jacket and drove up to the Cuff from my little cottage in
Rainier valley.
I walked in and Jerry was towards the back by the pinball machines, which were near the coat check then.
I got a beer and chatted a moment, while eyeing a boy in full white, blue and black race leathers who was playing one of the machines.   "Thats' Andrew" Jerry told me.  " Just make sure you have a gag handy...you'll need it, or you'll have him tied up and he'll start wondering about when the last time the oil was changed in his car in the middle of a scene"  Hummmm.  Really?  ( in retrospect...yes.  really )  Anyway, we met...he looked a little geeky back then, with gold wire rim glasses (without which he was fairly blind as it turned out)
started chatting, and the rest as they say, is history.    Yes, we did play the first night.  Then I don't think we spent more than 2-3 nights apart until he moved in with me 8 months later when the lease on his apartment
was up for renewal.  Very, very not in character for me, but it's how it worked out!
So...how do two very kinky guys, ten years apart in age, and with some very different outlooks on life get to
17 years?   Patience, compromise, enough things in common to keep us together, and the desire to stay together.    Despite our differences in the way we interact with people...I'm much more quiet and introspective overall, we do have a lot in common and have developed even more as we've gone on...which is probably natural in any long term couple.
We also still have really fun scenes, play and sex.   It's changed over the years...he's not quite as passive, I'm not quite as aggressive, theres' much more give and take than early on in our relationship, but amazingly enough we still play once or twice a week in some form.  It may be short and sweet, or it may be more involved but it still happens after 17 years....and that's awesome!   Happy Anniversary Spike!  I love you.

It's about time.....
13 November 2012 | 2:15 am

I've realized I've been really bad about keeping up here, and since a few guys have asked me to post some new stuff, I decided it's time.  Winters' a lot easier for me than summer, due to our business and schedule, so I'll try to keep up with some new postings for the next 3-4 months at least.   We've had some fun times at local play parties lately that were hosted by Jerry, Tony, Mikey and Sparky, plus have had a few friends to visit here too, so mostly for now will just post some of the play scenes from the last 4-5 months.  A couple of those feature the FatBoy cock sheath, which is one of the fun new toys we've gotten in the last year...it's not only hot for the bottom, but it's hot for the one wearing it, especially if you lube it up inside!  Highly recommend it for you pigs out there


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