Moving on Up (And Out)
27 June 2013 | 11:38 pm

The great blogger exodus continues.  My blog is now hosted by dreamhost at

SELF and More
26 June 2013 | 1:48 pm

Both Tebow and Hunter have posted their SELF wrap-ups, and I figure I should do the same.  I had an absolute blast hanging with my pack all weekend.

The only truly disappointing part was having to teach my pup play class at 9:30 on a Friday morning (again).  I was half asleep, the pups were half asleep, and only four people came. Granted, one of the four had some insightful questions about the similarities and differences between traditional Master/slave and Handler/pup relationships, and I really enjoyed talking with him about that.  Still, it was far from my best performance and I ran about 15 minutes short on material. I guess I'm used to having more audience participation in a 90-minute class, and there was only so much I could do on 1/2 a cup of coffee (one of the pups, not naming names, managed to spill my coffee cup before we even got started).  The room was also a furnace, since the A/C wasn't working, and the heat always makes me sleepy.  I will, however, forever treasure the look on the hotel maintenance guy's face when he came in to work on the thermostat and found three pups running around the meeting room in various arrangements of gear.

My electro class on Saturday, on the other hand was pretty well attended.  I got to run through violet wands, TENS units, ErosTek, stun/sticks and stun guns.  Notice the IP guy in me did not call them Tasers(R).  Unfortunately, the electrical engineer in me spent a lot of time talking about the theory, including why we care about voltage, current, resistance, etc.  The safety portions are important, but in hindsight I should have spent more time on why electro play is fun and some of the interesting things you can do rather than how to make contact safely.  Nitro and the pack helped out immensely, especially since I can't really use the violet wand body contact any more, and lots of folks got to experience the various demos.

Outside of teaching, I had a great time at the boots and cigars party.  It was a nice night to be outside, and having a couple pups by my side while I enjoyed a nice cigar and glass of whiskey is hard to beat.    The men's play party was fun, though I have to echo Hunter's comments that I kind of regret not playing with any of the new guys.  Pup Matt and his Alpha came through, and I would have loved a chance to play with them (or Tank, or Don, or...)  I got a chance to try my new dragontail on Emrys, though, and Soma got some more time with the Erostek.  I felt guilty that I wasn't doing more with Hunter, but there wasn't room for me to run three scenes in there at once, and frankly, I was already bushed.  Also, I figured he'd had enough electro play for one day, since I got to hit him with the stun gun a few times earlier in my class and he'd been a TENS demo bottom in someone else's.

The best part of the weekend, though, was waking up in a bed full of pups each morning.  It was a different subset of the pack each night (Soma/Tebow on Thursday, Soma/Tebow/Hunter on Friday, and Hunter/Emrys on Saturday), but having my pack around me all weekend was better than anything else I could have asked for.  There was lots of laughter, from me almost choking on a squeaky toy to accidental and nonconsensual blood play between Soma and Hunter (there's a reason I say the most important piece of pup gear is a first aid kit).

What's next?  Well, the next Dominion is just under a month away.  Then it's SouthEast Black and Blue, Aug. 9-10.  I'll be a judge for SE Leather Sir/boy and SE Rubber, apparently, so that will be new for me.  Then it's off to Beyond Vanilla in September where I'll be competing in a contest for International Pup Trainer.  Fun times!

IML Wrap-Up
1 June 2013 | 12:07 pm

I didn't go.

That said, I still managed to have a lot of fun.  I spent the weekend attending the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's beginner rider course and got my license certification.  It's something I've been wanting to do for years, and I finally had the time.  Granted, the bikes were puny little 125cc Hondas, but I still learned a lot, had fun, and met some great guys.

Plus, I got to perv on this woofy, sweaty redneck.

Going test riding some this morning with Tebow. More pics likely to come!

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