It's been a while
19 April 2019 | 4:00 pm

For the most part I stopped updating this because other platforms seemed to be better for posting and sharing things, for instance, Tumblr, where I could occasionally make my own post, or using their multiple blogs feature could just reblog porn after porn after porn. When that went away, I was looking for something new and I have yet to really settle. For now I just browse images via Bing search, as it seems to return less restricted and pintrest based results, or various other forum type sites for what I'm interested in. This is also a lot less of a problem now that I have found a great long term partner that I can share my life with. We both seem to be using Twitter at the moment to post things, with her posting more than me for a lack of interest  to process and provide that sort of content.

Just thought I'd give an update, for anyone that happens upon this. Also as a reminder, I for the most part have adjusted screen names and identities to settle on Shinymarc, so feel free to try to look me up if you want to.

Google Notice - theoretical future shutdown
24 February 2015 | 4:25 am

Apparently Google is going to be working to 'censor' the not safe for work and adult content, which basically means that this blog...

It might be a good thing that I sort of stopped using this medium, so I will continue to use my tumblr for when I decide to blog things and hopefully leave this to just chill out and become archived. If for some reason content gets removed I will be pretty upset, but as it is adult in nature, I can see why something like Google would worry about it.

Blogger goodbye (for now)
1 January 2015 | 7:45 pm

I'm taking an extended hiatus from this blog format, I will probably post some stuff in my tumblr blog, but I have been too life focused to be getting goodies for my fetish life...

Meanwhile my archived porn reblog tumblr is still autoposting a lot that I have backlogged if you just need decent J/O material.

I will be around, but no promised monthly updates from here on out.

Happy New Year and stay happy and healthy!

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