15 January 2019 | 12:13 am

I had met this guy Gene in October, 2017, who wanted to go for a Straight Jacket Ride. When he arrived, I had him wear the Knee High Indian Boots where I tied him to the bed so he could experience his first time in bondage ever. Of course he was into Poppers, and this scene reminded me of the "Punk in Moccasins" Scene I did. Of course I added the blanket, and let the heavy duty vibrator do its thing.

BUT - Gene liked out session so much, a few months later, he came back for another scene, except this time strapped to the camping cot, teased and played with, as well as fed Poppers.

Add the blanket with more rope, poppers, toss in the heavy duty vibrator, this is a combination of pleasure and tomemnt. 

15 January 2019 | 12:03 am

After awhile, Shea was complaining that I was having all the fun, and he wanted to get tied up, so I secured him to the camping cot, fed him poppers and teased and edged his cock. It did not take long for this boy to shoot, but it was fun watching him pull against the restraints and straps while he was high on poppers and expressing himself.

14 January 2019 | 11:58 pm

In July, 2018, I met this guy Shea for some afternoon fun. He tied me in the straight jacket and on the bed for a while, teased my cock and made me squirm and moan. After a while, he secured me to the camping cot, where his nice warm mouth took care of business.

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