a new home
19 February 2016 | 7:19 am

I moved from the CapitolHill neighborhood of Seattle to Tukwila.  The new place is amazing, but I traded a great dungeon for great parking.

It's taken a while to setup and feel comfortable in the space.

I miss the hard points in the ceiling of the old dungeon.  As a temporary workaround I ordered a sling stand from FortTroff.  This was a late night purchase; it turned out that SoundsFun had separately ordered a similar sling stand the same evening.  He canceled his order.  OffTopic: the new FortTroff sling stand seems safer than other versions.  The diamond shape to the center points seem to eliminate single points of failure in other sling stand designs.  I'm pleased.

We had worked up to a full scene.  We had a small party.  There was play.  But it was light. 
Last night we had our first significant play-date.

The boy had an intense rubber fetish.  So spent the evening dressed from head to toe in rubber.  The bondage was performed in ways to not damage the rubber.

At various fetish events I've gotten to play with boys in rubber.  Ropework does seem to work on top of rubber with a couple conditions.  Synthetic rope doesn't shed fibers.  If the ropes are placed at their final tightness it doesn't pull and tear the rubber.  It's a bit more work, but brilliant white rope looks really good on black rubber.  Somehow I've gotten off the topic of last night...

The workout bench is a comfortable form of bondage for me.  I enjoy working with this.  Chaining limbs together makes tugs on one restraint reinforce the bondage on other limbs.  This makes me happy.  While in this position the boy mentioned that he hadn't cum for four days.  We edged him to about three strokes away from orgasm a couple times.

He had sensitive nipples.  Openings in the rubber suit provided access.

boy in rubber chained to workout bench
After a while we moved him to the spanking bench.  (The spanking bench came from bdgSales while they were still doing work.  I miss them.  I've wanted to shave ~2 inches from the bottom of the bench to make it more appropriate for my height, but don't want to risk damaging one of the last benches they produced.)

We played with his butt.  He sucked our dicks.

There was an electro butt plug.  It was initially used as just an insertable.  Then it was vibrated with a Hitachi wand.  SoundsFun used the butt plug with an E-stim box.

The boy made good noises

boy strapped to spanking bench
FortTroff sling stand in the background.
Then we moved him to the cage.  A heavy steel collar was fitted onto his neck.  Humane restraints connected his limbs to the sides of the cage.  And the venus2000 was attached to his dick.  He was close to cumming when he was placed in the cage.  A slow stroke from the machine kept him hard and attentive.  I slowly increased the intensity while keeping him below the level of cumming.  At first he just moaned.  Then he started to beg.  Then he started to whimper.  Then he earnestly begged.  He earnestly begged to be made to cum.

The venus2000 can be a bit like a Chinese water torture. The edging torture could have worked a little bit better with a little less human contact to focus the attention more intently on the penis.

This earnest begging was what I was listening for.  There's nothing like it.  It's raw and powerful and beautiful.  It's intoxicating.

He was brought to a wet orgasm that caused convulsions up and down his body.

I was proud of our work.

boy chained to sides and back of cage

bedroom play
31 January 2014 | 7:08 am

SoundsFun and I tried having sex in the bedroom.


There have been some good orgasms.  This was the first that was captured in HD.

porn and sex
26 January 2014 | 11:08 pm

Home porno video is more difficult to capture than the stills I had been taking.

I got a fisheye video camera.  I posted notice outside dungeon the and large notice outside the door to the house.

It turns out that I get really turned on by watching these home movies of my play.

In December I came home from the gym while SoundsFun was having good sex.  A while later he shared the video of the encounter.  A while after that he gave a narrative of what happened while we were watched the video. 
Still frame of the video of SoundsFun's good sex. (bottom's face is blurred for privacy)
This got me excited.

I was amazed at how much like actual porn the encounter looked.  And some of the things that I had seen in porn made sense for the first time. 
SoundsFun described the reasons involving sexual methodology to explain some of the body positioning that I had previously assumed was for the camera.  Some of the toy use finally made sense.

And that led me on an unexpected journey.

I've spent some time working to get slightly larger things, including SoundsFun's 9.5" penis into my ass.

For several of these we took video for quality assurance and training purposes.

Some of the video has turned out spectacularly well. 

We started out repeating some of the good sex that started the journey.
soundsFun fucks happyfrosh in the sling

But it also became clear that we should also involve some play outside the dungeon.
SoundsFun and happyfrosh


This has required a bit of role re-evaluation.  Topping bondage while bottoming for sex is awkward but fun.
A very large butt plug and chains and restraints made this experience memorable.
soundsFun used as a fuckstick by happyfrosh

Some has involved fairly vanilla sex in the dungeon using dungeon style equipment.  I'm not really sure if this counts as kinky sex.
SoundsFun fucks happyfrosh on the spanking bench

happyfrosh fucks SoundsFun on the spanking bench

frame capture from happyfrosh and soundsFun first high-def video
The journey will continue.

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