Antwerp gaypride with friends
13 July 2019 | 5:37 am

A few months ago me and GEARguyNL planned a trip to Antwerp for the gaypride and the party "A hard night" combined with a visit to The Boots bar.
GEARguyNL asked me if he could bring his slave (slave_of_G) as well. His slave didn't have any experiences with these kind of parties. Of course he can. the more the merrier.

The day before we left i would stay at GEARguyNL's place so we could leave early in the morning and do some shopping and sightseeing as well.

On Thursday we packed our bags. Difficult to decide what to pack or use in Antwerp. Especially because GEARguyNL isn't my Sir. We decided not to bring too much and because it's his slaves first time to take it easy at the events.
For the gaypride parade itself we would bring sportswear and go in those outfits to watch the parade.
i picked out my outfit, put it on the bed and showed it to GEARguyNL for his approval. i haven't got a good sense of sportswear detailing yet and he has.
He approved it right away! It was a good outfit. He even changed the outfit he had in mind (also blue) into red because he wanted me to wear my blue outfit. Really nice of him!!

We all had a bit of packing stress but finally it was friday. After work i drove to GEARguyNL. He and slave_of_G were waiting for me and we all went into town for sushi and a nice walk.

When we were back we had a drink and finally played a little bit. slave_of_G was ordered to put on his collar and bomber jacket at least 2 hours a day that week as a task and he needed to forfill that for that day as well. he was also ordered to put on his skinhead outfit as well.
That suits him very well.
Finally i was told to go upstairs and put GEARguyNL his Nickelson jacket on. Never worn one because i think that would expand my fetish interests.
Damnnnn those jackets are so nice to wear!

i needed to kneel besides his slave and lick slave_of_G's bomber clean. Then GEARguyNL came over and put the hood on me that is attached to the Nickelson jacket. pffff hot!!
Then slave_of_G needed to lick the Nickelson jacket clean.
We both had some fun and did some sniffing as well. Then it was bedtime.
Three adults in a two person bed and the smallest person (slave_of_G) took up all the space hahaha.

Finally it was Saturday.
We had breakfast, loaded all the gear in the car and left for Antwerp. Just an hour's drive.
They drive there was very fun. GEARguyNL was the DJ in the car.

When we arrived we checked in, brought our bags (each 2-3 suitcases/bags) to the room and we walked towards the city centre. GEARguyNL was looking for new short soccer pants to go with his Nike air BW's with green lining in them.
We didn't succeed to find the right color so we walked back to our hotel.

i really wanted to go in gear to the gaypride parade so i think i pushed the others to do so as well (sorry guys). We all got changed in our sportswear soccer outfits and walked towards the end of the parade route. The weather was beautiful so soccer gear was nice and comfy.

i couldn't take my eyes of the classic BW's of GEARguyNL and slave_of_G. They both were wearing the white/red version of the shoes i was wearing in white/blue.
We all thought it was very quiet on the streets. We were expecting a lot of people wanting to watch the parade (later we found out that was halfway the parade the case).

The parade itself was a bit of a disappointment. Not many hot guys, not many really themed trucks and it was not as long as we expected. Bummer!
People were paying more attention to us in our sportswear then towards the parade i think haha. i had some nice eye contact with a guy on a truck.
GEARguyNL and me were invited to join the gay rugby club and got a flyer, slave_of_G not because he definitely doesn't have the body for that. We all laughed about that.

When the parade was over we walked further down the street towards the free outdoors party "Wave". This is besides the castle and river in Antwerp.
I have to say that was a bit lame at that time. the queues for getting tokens for food and drinks were so long that standing in line would probably take 45 minutes or so. Also the crowd was strange, not really a gay vibe. i think a lot of parade visitors were there to have a look. We met a few friends there and had a small talk and basically left within 30 minutes.
The music was good by the way also later that day when we walked passed again.

Now we were of to the city centre, we were thirsty!! In the city centre we looked for a table on a terras and found one very quickly all though it was very busy. We had a few beers and some cheese and had a great time sitting, drinking and chatting about fetish and everything else.
Even a good friend/Sir of GEARguyNL (Sir_R) came by and had a couple of drinks with us there, that was very nice! Normally i block completely when He is around and don't know what to say. GEARguyNL always laughs about that but this time it went a lot better. He was attending the party tonight as well and gave us some advice. He told us to take the free shuttlebus from The Boots to the party and back because it is not really walkable.
Glad we did that because it was too far, dark and very creepy around there.

After our drinks we went towards the river again to make some new profile pictures of each other. We  had a blast doing that. It was not too busy so we even made some horny licking and sniffing pictures there. GEARguyNL and his slave didn't have any good pictures together so we made some. We also asked people walking past to make some pictures of us three together.
I think we made about 160 pictures.

When we were ready we walked further down the river. i had the idea to go across the river using the old tunnel that is there. It is free and probably fun to do.
It's is beautiful there. Old metal and wooden escalators or an elevator takes you under the ground and there you can walk across to the other side.
Because the elevator at one side was broken GEARguyNL helped an lady taking her bike down the escalators.

On the escalators i managed to lick GEARguyNL's Nike's and we made some other nice pictures. In the tunnel we did the same!!
On the other side we had a look at the panoramic view of the city, beautiful. We didn't stay long and walked back to the escalators. Going up again on the city centre side of the tunnel a lady fell on the escalators with her bike and got stuck under her bike. GEARguyNL ran down the escalators while some other guy pushed the emergency button to stop it.
We helped her to get up and carried her bike upstairs. She had some scratches and probably a few bruises but was fine she said and thanked us.
It probably looked like some comic book characters were running down the escalators to her rescue dressed in white/red and white/blue soccer gear.

now it was time to eat something. We went to the same place GEARguyNL and me had some Belgium fries before. The lady misunderstood our order so we got stuck with 4 portion of fries and not 3. And she was a bit bitchy about that as well when i said we only ordered 3 portions.
We ate and walked back to our hotel.
GEARguyNL and his slave wanted a small powernap. i just checked my phone and messages for 45 minutes until they woke up again. i.m not good with power naps.

We got up, got freshed up and started to pack and dress into our gear.
GEARguyNL was wearing his awesome black rubber shorty with red lines, his 20 hole boots with white laces and two wristbands. His slave was wearing tight thick rubber jeans and a tight poloshirt. i had three options with me but decided to go with my rubber shorty with codpiece and yellow lining, yellow harness and a black and yellow rubber wristband.
We took one big backpack for our gear and put on tracksuits over our gear. It was far away to hot for that!! It was only three streets away but damn i was sweating like a pig. When we reached The Boots, there were enough fetish guys waiting for the bus i think it was safe to get my jacket off. that was a relieve.
The bus took us to the Petrol club river upwards in Antwerp. The road there was not so good, badly lighted and it was desolated there so we were very glad we didn't walk.

When we entered we got our tracksuits off and got ourselves installed. The wardrobe area was too dark and it was fucking hot inside. i put my yellow harness, wrist and ankle cuffs on, and let GEARguyNL put my collar on. i always think Sir's have to do that and not the slave himself. GEARguyNL dressed his slave properly. We shined each other with rubber shine and were ready.
i took care of our bag and went in line for the storage area and GEARguyNL and slave_of_G went in line to get drink tokens. We both were ready at the same time. The sweat was pouring from my head. i can't believe why they haven't got some kind of airco with these events. i just needed to relax and adapt a bit and everything would be fine.

Sir_R was there in the entrance hall and greeted us. Damn now i was nervous again. He looks so good in His leather uniform. He greeted me, grabbed my neck and pushed me down towards his boots. "Lick them clean good, slave!"
Oh, instant boner! He is so good in getting me into my slavery sub mood.
The rest was talking to each other but i didn't get any of that.

When i was ready with both His boots someone grabbed my neck and put my face on other boots. i recognized them as GEARguyNL 20-hole boots. So i did my best on them as well. i saw i had company from slave_of_G helping me on the other boot. We looked each other in the eyes and i saw he was doing ok and was liking the licking as well.
When i licked upwards the right boot i felt the strings of a whip and a paddle hanging down the sides of the boots. Now i was confused. GEARguyNL didn't bring toys because it was it's slaves first time and He didn't want to overload him with new things.
i quickly felt with my tongue if the boot would go over into skin/rubber but it went over into pants off fabric. Who's boots was i licking!!!!

When it was enough, probably after 20 minutes in total i was pulled up by my collar and looked at the guy who's boot i was licking. It was a skinhead/bomber guy which i never met in reallife before but chatted with through planetromeo.
Damn that guy is tough and has a profile with baseball bats, skin outfits, army and bomber combinations. Very dominant!

i thanked them both for the bootlicking and got some light nipple pinching back in return. We even didn't walk into the venue and i was already rock hard. Sir_R gave us a tour around so we could find everything. Very kind of Him.
There is a big dance floor, a inside darkroom, toilets, outside foam area and an outside darkroom. It is a smaller venue then Darklands but it has enough to offer.

Of course GEARguyNL saw a lot of people he knows, haha. i haven't got that a lot because i rarely show my face in a blog or in my profiles. Probably some of you readers were there as well.
i basically saw a few people i know as well so that was nice and felt good as well.

We walked around, had a few beers and soon enough everyone was getting in a sleazy mood. We walked outside because of the heat inside and GEARguyNL attached his slaves wrist cuffs together behind his back and did the same with my wrist cuffs. Then he attached a snap lock between our collars. we had a few cm between us as space.
So He said, kiss each other and keep each other busy. We couldn't do anything else then kiss.
we were left like that for over 30 minutes i think.
We all finally teamed up with two other guys we knew from planetromeo and the powerparty. the setting with the five of us was very hot and horny. A lot of kissing, nipple pinching, crotch rubbing and licking finally went over into some kneeling for me and slave_of_G and some blowjobs.
We had a great time.

In between GEARguyNL was talking to a guy He knew and wanted to go inside the building. From a distance He first checked with me if i was able to watch His slave for Him. i nodded my head so He went of to an adventure of His own.
i stayed with slave_of_G who was being nipple tortured and touched by the people we knew. he was in good hands.

When GEARguyNL returned He joined us again. The setting was very horny. i suddenly was daggering/bumfucking the guy i know from the powerparty (both our rubber pants on). i normal don't like that at all because it is to dominant and i'm an anal kind of guy.
My dick was so hard it popped out the codpiece a few times. Suddenly the guy zipped open his rubber pants, took my cock out of the codpiece and placed it in his buttcrack and wanted me to fuck him. i didn't enter him but the idea only made me almost come a few times.

i tried my best that evening not to climax but damn that was very hard and it almost went wrong a few times but i managed not to climax. i was leaking a lot of precum although.

Between a few beers we also had water for hydration. We took good care of each other.
i didn't visit any darkroom especially because it was slave_of_G's first fetish event i was more happy to stay with him. Not that i usually do stuff in darkrooms but walking through them always give me a rush.

Soon the evening became night and the night became morning. The crowd was decreasing and the sun was coming up again. Time to go.
It was around 05:15 am when we collected our bags, got dressed and left the building. i didn't get dressed because the bus stopped in front of club Petrol and later in front of The Boots.
When is was outside i discovered a buttonsnap from my codpiece was broken so that was a bummer. Just to be sure i slipped into my track pants. didn't want to get arrested for flashing haha.

When we arrived at the boots with the bus we discussed if we would go to The Boots or just go back to the hotel. i didn't mind either. GEARguyNL let his slave decide because it was his first fetish party. It was difficult to choose so we all decided to go back to our hotel three streets further. The walk there was great. i still was in my slavemood/rush and so was slave_of_G.

We got in our room, all took a shower and brushed our teeth. Time to go and sleep. It was 06:20 am.

Breakfast was until 10:30 but we didn't think we would make that. We had an extended checkout at 14:00 instead of 12:00. i was so full off adrenaline that i couldn't sleep that long. i was awake every hour. GEARguyNL was also awake around 09:00 am so at 09:30 am when he woke up slave_of_G we got dressed and went for coffee and breakfast.

After breakfast we went to the room.
slave_of_G was on a cum denial for a week already and his Master thought it was long enough. He ordered me to fix that. i could do what i want with him. Damn i already had something in mind straight away. i let him stand facing the room door and grabbed some toys. i grabbed my rubber wrist cuffs, a blindfold, a ballgag and put them on him. i tied his wrist up above his head to the coatrack that was in the room. i lowered his pants and underwear and he was rock hard. i started to give him a blowjob stopped, wanked him switch to blowing him and so forth. i paused to put on my bomber jacket i brought and grabbed my blue Nike Air BW sneaker and placed it over his face and let him inhale the smell. he immediately started to breath heavier. He was having a good time.
i held the sneaker over his nose and mouth while i started my blowjob and wanking session again.  
i stopped a few times not to let him cum to soon. i was getting horny myself and couldn't avoid a handsfree orgasm myself and shot my jockstrap full. Less then a minute later slave_of_G came.
When he finally came he shot his load in my neck and all the way down my bomber jacket. Wow that slave can shoot a load. He normally wanks himself at least twice a day and now it was a week ago when he came for the last time. it really needed to come out.
While i was playing with GEARguyNL's slave He was watching the whole thing. i hope He liked it.

Now it was shower time for all of us again. Then we packed our bags and put them in the car and checked out. We didn't want to leave yet so we walked into the city centre again. We wanted to visit the ToysforBoys fetishshop and the Mister_B shop. Because slave_of_G only has a wide collar which isn't comfortable on him to wear long i thought this might be a nice present from me and his Master. i texted GEARguyNL and He liked the idea.

We had coffee in the city, walked around, visited the fetish shops and bought slave_of_G a new collar. He was very happy with it.
When we walked back towards the hotel we visited the panoramic deck of the MAS building. Such a nice place to visit. What a view!!! And totally free to enter.

Now it was time to grab something to eat. We walked to a burger restaurant "de burgerij". Now it was around 17:00 when we took the car back home.    
Everyone was tired of the weekend and the lack of sleep. i drove us to GEARguyNL's place. When we were almost there GEARguyNL placed his feet with Nike on the dashboard. Damn hot!! He took His sneaker of and placed it briefly (5 seconds) over my nose against my face. What fucking horny guy He is!!! i got rock hard again.
When we arrived i had a cup of coffee and left for the two hours drive back home.

What a weekend this was!!!
Thank you Master_R for letting me go.

When i arrived home i was glad to see my Master again and tell him all the adventures.
Through the post my new chain collar arrived which is very heavy. This will be your event and party collar when you/we have fetish events He said.

i have the idea my Master is getting stricter with me again. i'm curious were this is going.
i like it!!



Weekly orders from SneakerMaster day 1
5 June 2019 | 8:00 pm

Today’s orders from SneakerMaster


Vandaag dus dag 1:

Gewoon kooitje blijven dragen. En niet spuiten 

Knor video om het jaar van het varken te vieren. (Heb je nu al gedaan)

Opdracht tussen de middag (12-13uur) video hoe jij je eigen pis drink. Vanabond als je thuis komt gaat er een dikke plug in je reet voor minimaal 2 uur. En voor het slapen gaan minimaal 1 uur Kloten training op zwaarst mogelijk haalbare. 

Succes Sneakermaster

My report:

Everyday starts with sending Master a short video with me being naked and oinking like a pig. I have to do this because this is the chinese year of the pig/boar. This is very degrading.

Today’s extra tasks are:

Drinking my own piss between 12:00 and 13:00, no matter where i am. Today i had a day off from work but tomorrow will be at work. Todays piss was strong and filthy. Also because of wearing the CB i guess.

Second task was plugging myself for two hours. Too bad only managed 1,5 hour. Then i got cramps. Sorry Master!

This means punishment!!

And before bedtime balltraining. Tying sneakers to my balls so the would stretch the ballsack/skin. I tried with 6 sneakers for almost 40 minutes. The goal is always more sneakers and longer.

It was very intense to scedule today because of two inportant long meetings i had to attent. 

Difficult to do but i trust Master has the best intrests for me. He looks very good after me and i’m gratefull for that.

My punishment for the buttplug failure is to piss a glass full and store this in the fridge so i can drink it with breakfast. 

Thank you SneakerMaster

Friday, last full day
24 July 2018 | 6:58 pm

Today is the last day of camp.
Always a difficult day. Did i do the things i wanted, have i been in contact with the people i wanted?

Today dinner will be three courses and will start at 18:00 instead off 19:00 so people have a little more time to play after dinner.

####The rest of this day is missing as the note didn’t got saved on my phone###

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