Saturday first day of camp
14 July 2018 | 6:33 pm

On our way it felt i and Sir were driving the wrong way. We exited the highway far to soon. The we discovered there were two villages with the same name and streetname 1,5 hours apart.
Luckaly we didn’t lost a lot of time because the one village was in the route towards the other.

When we artived at camp, Sir C allready made our room and beds ready. i had trainers with dirty socks on my bed, Dix had clamps on them and Sir P had a lovely sheet and fruit on His bed.

We greeted everyone who was there and the people who still arrived. We unpacked the car and installed ourselves. i was still in my holy trainer since thursday and horny like hell.

After unpacking we decided to plan our chores/duties for the week. We decided to do all duties in the beginning of the week so we had the rest of the week free. That meant dinner duty the tonight with two German guys. They came in a huge army truck were they slept in as well.

Dinner was as usual delicious and after dinner it was dishwashing time.
Becauce of the extreem dry weather this year the campfire was prohibited. Too bad!

In the evening we didn’t do much just chat with everyone with a few beers.
We went to bed a little early.

Friday the 13th
13 July 2018 | 6:32 pm

Today is the day bdsm camp for 2018 will start!

The last packing was done, WhatsApp made sure i stayed in touch about our time to leave.
i went to the shop to get some bread and stuff if someone wanted a sandwich for lunch or to take with them.

i the mean time two friend (who know about my kinky side) came by to wish me a lot off fun.

i picked the camp manager A.  for week 29 up at the station and took him back home.
Dix arrived with Sir and we re-packed the cars. We had a drink, some sandwiches and were ready to leave.

Dix and A. drove together and i drove with Sir P.
We were about 45 minutes away and i took the wrong exit on the highway. Because off roadworks the changed the exit. We had to drive about 15 km for the next exit. One the other lane we saw a huge traffic jam because of the roadworks. Damnn.
My navigation took us on an other route and we ended on the highway again just before the point where i took the wrong exit. So now i took the right exit and ignored what my navigation said.
There were two police cars at the exit, i guess because of the traffic jams. A minute later i saw in my rearview mirror there was a policecar a few cars behind us. Sir was sleeping so i watched my speed and used my indicatorlights to make sure i wouldn’t draw attentions. As soon as i thought that the pulled next to our car, looked inside and dropped there speed again and drove behind us. 3 km further they took us over and turned their “follow us” lights on.
i woke Sir up and we followed the police car the highway off.

When they stopped on an industrial area they got out off their car, asked for our id’s. Both were young and very goodlooking damnnn. One officer went back to the car to check them and the other one told us this was a drugscontroll. 
He asked us what we were doing, going to, for how long, what our relationship was with eachother and finally to get out of the car. i was bloody netvous and getting sweaty. i always have that with law enforcement people.
Sir told him we were going on a week holiday to a leathermen camp. He asked us to open the trunk. He saw all the bags and said “this for just one week?!?!”
On the top was a heavy metal restraind for around the ankles and wrists. He asked us what it is used for. What is in all the bags?
We openend one and it had leather clothes in them. From an other bag a lot off whipping material was visible. His colleague walk towards us and gave us our id’s back. They other one saw enough and told us it was oke.
He saw two bottles of Campari from the passengerdoor. He adviced us to buy more because Danmark is very expensive with alcohol.
 They told us how we could get back to the hoghway and wished us a good holiday.

Our delay was almost an hour now. 
On our way there we made a stop just after we passed Hamburg. Dix and A. Were there allready. Because of the time we decided to eat at this highway restaurant.

Afterwards we could drive on again. There was a lot of traffic on the roads and some delay. Luckaly no bordercontrol check so we could drive straight to the hotel just over the border.
When we arrived over at the hotel we checked in. We reserved a familyroom for four people.
They only had a reservation in the computer for 1 person in a double room and the hotel was fully booked!
After a little while they organized two folding beds which we could put in the reserved room. We got a free beer from the hotel and we relaxed a little before bedtime.

i slept fine, got a shower, got dressed and we were ready for breakfast. After breakfast we packed the car and were off for the last few hours drive.

12 July 2018 | 4:15 pm

Sorry i haven’t been blogging so much.

School, work has been stressful the last two years.

i finally found myself an online SneakerMaster and a live Boss.
The both off them make sure i didn't derailed in the last two years.

But because i need to reflect on the things that did happen to me, is my yearly bdsm camp a good way to start again.

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