Finding my puppy heart
31 January 2013 | 10:46 am

Its hard to think its been this long but back in 2009. I had found my way onto the dating/hook up sites looking to find so direction or maybe someone that was open to teaching this not yet legal boy something new. I met and incredible man for dinner and amazing conversation we split ways for a short time. I was well I don't know what I was but I knew I had to see him again. When we next met it was at his house. We sat in the living room talking then I don't remember why he went downstairs but he did. As I watched him round the corner to go into the kitchen all I could see was a silver dog bowl sitting in the corner. It was like an instinct, the next thing I remember is being on all fours with my face in the bowl, squeaking toys and tossing them all over the room. When the bowl was finally empty, I had to turn around play with the toys now but when I did there he was! I froze... BUSTED was the first thought that went through my head but then the next thought was scattering, he is gonna think I am a freak and will never talk to me again. My heart stopped when all he did was stick out his hand. I didn't if i should say something, stand up but something in the back of my head said that I should go sniff it. When I did the pieces just fell into place. The scritches that he gave me felt like the most amazing thing that I had ever felt. We played for awhile until I collapsed with my head in his lap. 

We eventually got around to talking about what just happened. I had never done that before and frankly  I was scared of what just happened. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life I had found a piece of me. It just happened but from that moment on he had an incredibly special part of me. It just happened but I knew I had found my Daddy. 

Mid-Atlantic Leather
31 January 2013 | 9:59 am

After being woke up for the second time by nightmares, I gave up on trying to go back to sleep. That was okay though it was only 8 minutes before the alarm was gonna go off anyways. After trying to get the husband up so that he could take us to the airport with little success, I decided to see if daddy was awake and he was. Them it was time to torment the husband till he got his butt out of bed. After a good 15 minutes he was finally up and dressed. The car was packed and we were off to the airport.

Getting through TSA was painless since it was 515 in the morning. We stopped and got a bite to eat while we waited. Shortly after sitting down to our Kinkster Adam and Kinkster Kell arrived. They would be on the same flight. It's always good talking and seeing them. They happen to be the current Rocky Mountain LeatherSir/boy team. After a fairly uneventful but bumpy flight we arrived in. We followed the signs to get to the metro and at Reagan that's an adventure in itself but we got there. It was only a short ride and a quick transfer to get to where we needed to be. Walking out of union station and really getting to see D.C. was awesome. After the short walk we arrived at the hotel and checked in, they didn't have any rooms available yet so we checked the bags and left the hotel to go exploring. We hit some monuments and museums, I was in awe of how big the Smithsonian campus actually is. It was time to get back to the hotel and get our room. Shortly after boy Robert showed up, he was going to be staying with us for the weekend. We finally got ready and went to get some food then eventually wondered overtones the host hotel until it was time to help Carlos load in the shop for the weekend. Thursday was definitely a relaxed great way to start the weekend.

We got up early on Friday cause it was time to take the puppies to the zoo and to find some big bones! Daddy Jesse met us in the lobby of the host hotel. I was glad that he was going to spend the day with us. We caught the metro to get to the zoo. I was definitely excited that I was going together those the pandas. We learned several things while we were there. Cheetahs actually chirp, was fairly crazy to actually hear. Then Daddy Jesse's has a crazy obsession with his friends the tree rats aka the big grey squirrels and that he makes a sound that is universal that every animal can understand. We eventually made our way back to the metro and to the natural history museum. Getting to see the dinosaur bones is always my favorite part of going to the museum. We eventually wondered back to the hotel to get ready to go to bear happy hour. We arrived at bear happy hour knowing that I was not going to get to do the suspension I wanted to do but oh well I still did some pretty amazing floor work. After awhile found our way back to the host hotel, we spent awhile mingling and meeting some fairly amazing new people and falling in puppy lust over a few of them.

Saturday started off my getting up and getting some breakfast. We went and wondered the vendor mart for awhile till it was time to go the play in the pit. The crowd of pups in the pit was definitely different then what I was used to. Eventually getting to romp and play with a few pups was awesome! Tank was amazing! He flipped me with absolutely no issues which was a huge surprise and epic loved every second of it! Got to play with my new brother puppy PJ, he is so woofy and awesome! I can't wait to see him again! After we finished in the pit there was some down time till leather cocktails. After changing semi-formal leathers we made it to mingle and take advantage of the free food (I ate like a pig over the weekend)! Robert and i wondered the hotel talking to people later in the night then we probably should have but we had fun. We eventually made it back to hotel and went to sleep.

Sunday was bitter sweet since Robert had to go home super early.  Trainer and I got out of bed and made our way to the International Titleholders breakfast at an ungodly hour. There was some fantastic conversation over breakfast, it was decided that our community needs to do more building then destruction and we were going to a major force of change. I headed back to the hotel and almost immediately fell asleep and took a nice long nap. I final drug my ass out of bed and got ready for the contest. I was very interested in the ceremony that was held for the changing of the guard, or whatever you want to call it. I had no idea that the Centaurs were that big of a group. The contest was interesting and the new M.A.L seems like a really good guy. Congrats to him and to all the other contestants. After the contest was just a blur and for those that were a part of it, thanks for making it amazing!!!

Monday was bitter sweet since we were going home. I was sad to see every one go but I would see them again soon enough. After having an amazing lunch and finally getting to meet Mistress Jae it was finally time to head to the airport. Thank you Sir Joshua and pup Kelev for taking to the airport!

I only had the worst event drop ever for a week afterward!!

Mr. International Rubber
27 December 2012 | 9:35 pm

Mr. International Rubber was definitely a horse of a different color.

When I was preparing to head to Chicago again, I didn’t know what to expect being that this was going to be my first rubber event. I had heard the stories and seen the videos. I only knew that this contest was not going to be like all the leather contests that I had attended.
We arrived in Chicago hopped on the train and headed to our hotel. This time around we were staying a block off Boystown and wow, does that make a difference. I had made plenty of plans for weekend before we arrived so I was looking forward to getting started on them. Most of which didn’t actually involve the contest.

The first night of the contest I only watched the first portion of the contest before I ran off to cell block to spend time with friends. The next day was supposed to be the best day but because of my ridiculous allergy I wasn't able to be a part of the puppy pit. The second night of the contest was crazy! But they did eventually get around to naming the new Mr. International Rubber.

As you can probably tell by now, my mind really was someplace else most of the weekend. Couple of great things came out of it thought. My love for Chicago grew. Cards against humanity, greatest game ever! The other stuff you just need to ask!

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