About Mikey

Who is Mikey?  Mikey is:

  • a 28 year old gay bondage freak living in San Francisco collared to his amazing Daddy Tony
  • in love with anything relating to bondage, leather, rubber, gags, hoods, and cum control
  • a bit of a nerd

Mikey is not:

  • a very good singer
  • interested in hearing about your family reunion
  • going to help you fix your computer.  Sorry.

I’ll be sort of lame and copy the text from my Recon profile – I am bndgkid on bondage.recon.com – feel free to visit there as well!

Hi!  I’m Mikey, I’m a 28 year old collared pup living in San Francisco with my awesome Daddy Tony (SirinSF) :)

I’m very much into bondage, the more restrictive, the more inescapable, the better.  Things like sleepsacks, straightjackets, being tied spreadeagle to a bed, chair bondage, hogties, all very hot.  :-D  Gear bondage is also a big turn on, getting tied up in leather racing gear, army bdu’s, and even just regular street clothes gets me going.  I’m also very into cum control, being kept on the edge for a long time, and not being able to cum is so enjoyably frustrating.  One of my favorite things I’ve found is getting tied to something – chairs, beds, poles, anything rigid that I can’t get away from.  :-D

One of my favorite things is to be tied up while clothed, and then once I know I can’t escape, have my dick pulled out of my jeans/shorts and played with.  Something about that is so hot!  :-D

When tied up, and especially when being edged, I do struggle.  Once I’m tied up, I’m going to TRY to get out.  It’s the idea of knowing that I can’t escape that is exciting to me.  Helpful hint: Don’t use clips where I can reach them, always use locks.

In terms of dom/sub, I’m about 15/85.  That usually jumps to about 50/50 if you are around my age, and sometimes jumps to 100/0 if you are cute and the sleepsack is lying on the bed.  ;)  I play with guys of all ages, but unless you are within about 10-15 years of my age, I’m not big into kissing or really sensual stuff with each other.

I’m not huge into pain, as I am a bit of a wuss, but don’t mind a little bit during a scene if I’m in the right headspace (it’s ALL about headspace).  I’m into CBT also, though nothing too intense – ball stretchers, parachutes, and weights are very fun toys though.  I’m already up to a three-snap ball stretcher. :-D

When it comes to sex – well, it really depends on your definition of ‘sex’.  For me, sex is bondage, and bondage is sex.  I don’t do anything relating to anal, though sometimes will do a very small butt-plug, but that’s a very rare day for me.  When it comes to oral, I don’t mind receiving it, though, to be honest, I’ll take someone’s lubed-up hand before a mouth any day.  When it comes to giving, I don’t mind if the person is around my age, but definitely check w/ me first.

I love leather – something about the feel, the smell, the look, the whole thing.  Combine leather with bondage, and I am just in heaven.  I think the leather sleepsack should have it’s own postage stamp.  I also have a couple leather racing suits which are very fun.  I have a bunch of other gear, including some rubber, neoprene, and spandex – curious?  Drop me a message!

My prized possession is my Mr. S leather sleepsack – no doubt.  It’s inside-out, so the leather is on the inside of the sack – it feels like heaven.

I am currently the collared boy of Daddy Tony (SirInSF), and he has been the greatest addition to my life in such a long time.  He is everything I could have asked for as a pup/boy.

Thanks to Daddy Tony, I have also found my pup voice, and am extremely interested in pup play, and exploring pup space with others in the community.

Currently not looking for any type of relationship, but Daddy Tony and I are open to having fun with other people in a play setting (mummification can be hard with just two people!!), if you are interested, you can always let me know, but you’ll probably want to contact my Sir first *wink*  His e-mail is [email protected]