Episode 249 – Is That Wrong?

Description of Show The guys take on a variety of topics.  Show Notes What Now? Roseanne is back it seems. Daddy Tony has some interesting other things he would rather watch. In the News Goodbye Craiglist personal ads…thanks to the chilling of free speech. A kink site that sounds familiar (KinkedIn) is shut down by, […]

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Episode 248 – Knot Enough

Description of Show We’re talking today about how to design and build a play scene as well as avoid some pitfalls that could end your scene before it reaches its climax!  Show Notes What Now? Hold on to your butts! The chaos and insanity is impossible to keep up with. In the News Imagine the […]

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Ungagged 30 – Hot Under the Collar

Description of Show Today the boys talk all about collars, their meaning and symbolism, the good and the bad! Show Notes Paws for the News This group of youthful conservatives get a kick out of triggering liberal backlash. Some ABDLs decided to fight back. This “bio-hacker” decided to experiment by injecting stem cells into his […]

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Episode 247 – Gender Schmender

Description of Show Today’s very special guest is Sister PussyWillow and she will discuss transgender and how they interact with the different kink communities.  Show Notes In the News Stormy Daniels shows some class in responses to Twitter haters. When a state bar association sends all lawyers in the state a picture of fully exposed breasts, hilarity […]

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Episode 246 – Into the Weeds

Description of Show Today’s show welcomes Pup Skuff to the show on a Friday night!  Show Notes What Now? S**t is on fire…you know…the usual Hey you 17-year-old’s: Register to vote. In the News Let the guy compete with the guys for gawd’s sake. When tree-hugging does not go far enough. Cum…then dine! The latest vibrator knows […]

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Episode 245 -Swinging Dead Squirrels

Description of Show Daddy Tony is back and we take this time to read a listener’s letter.  Show Notes What Now? Let’s let Daddy Tony have a recovery week. ;) In the News Some straight Eagles football fans walk into a gay bar called the Eagle… Conversion therapy is still a thing and will harm tens […]

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Episode 244 – DFT Down

Today we have a special episode to give an update on where Daddy Tony is at right now. He has been dealing with some health issues and we were not able to record on our normal schedule while he recovers. Send all the best possible love and energy his way.    

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Episode 243 – News and jizz

Description of Show Today’s show opens up to our listeners and the messages they have sent us.  Show Notes What Now? Blech. *sigh* In the News A study says that LGBTQ acceptance is going down. The actor who played Barney the Dinosaur is big into tantra. Just thought you should know. Awwww. The alt-right is […]

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Ungagged 29 – The Doghouse

Description of Show After game time with Sparky and Daddy Tony, the puppers talk about building your own playspace. Show Notes Game Time with Sparky and Daddy Tony A game of “define the phobia.” Given a phobia term, describe what it means. Building out your space Dual-use spaces Playroom and (any other room) Lots of […]

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Episode 242 – Chasing Bugs Part 2

Description of Show On today’s show the guys continue their discussion on bug chasers.  Show Notes What Now? The shutdown. It’s 2018. Take action – get informed, get registered, and VOTE. In the News Family-values Missouri Governor Eric Greitens and his different ideas on family values (including extortion and non-consensual sex!) Catholic university administrators have […]

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