Episode 12 – SoundsFun

We recorded this episode with outgoing leather title holder SoundsFun (Damien) the same night we recorded Episode 11 with Knotty Brent. He is a local kinkster, and someone that I had played with back when he first started to get involved in play. The night of the recording was the night he was stepping down after a year […]

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Episode 11 – Knotty Brent

Hey all, been looking forward to sharing this episode for a while now! We had on rope bondage enthusiast KnottyBrent, who is the Mr Powerhouse Leather 2012 and the current Northern California Leather Sir 2013. He was up to be a judge for the Seattle Leather Daddy and Daddy’s boy contest, held in October of 2012. […]

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Episode 10 – Pup Nitro

This was a fun one! We had such a great time chatting with Pup Nitro from Atlanta. And thanks to the pup for staying up late to be on the show! We spend some time talk about Nitro and his work in the leather community. You have to check this one out, and looking forward […]

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Episode 09 – TJ and Brett

For this episode we are going to introduce you all to our friends TJ and Brett! They are local kinksters that just came together very recently. We talk about what it is like to start a relationship with the dynamics they have, like being two kinksters with similar and different kinks, dealing with age difference […]

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Episode 08 – Larry Talks Fisting, Part 2

Hey all, we just had Part 1 not too long ago of this show, and we wanted to follow up with Part 2 right away to finish out the show. We are going to get even “deeper” into the subject of fisting with Larry! We want to talk technique and supplies and everything you need […]

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Episode 07 – Larry Talks Fisting, Part 1

Daddy Tony invites over a friend of many years, Larry Shockey, to talk about fisting. Larry has been a long time fister, hosting many play parties in his home city of San Francisco and also leading work shops to teach people all they need to know about getting started in visiting. We had so many […]

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Episode 06 – Neil and Erotic Hypnosis

This week we get to spend some time with Neil, a New York based hypno therapist. He talks to us all about the ways in which erotic hypnosis works, what it is, and what it isn’t. We talk about the time Sparky was under several post-hypnotic suggestions during a leather event. Hypno is a subject […]

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Episode 05 – Bouncer, Mr. West Coast Rubber

This week we talk with the newly sashed Mr. West Coast Rubber, Bouncer Pup. He tells us all about his start and the wild ride he has had since he started in kink just a short while ago. We have a great time getting to know him more and what he is getting into, pressing […]

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Episode 04 – Rub One Out at Rubbout!

In this latest podcast, Daddy Tony and Sparky talk with Reid, also known as RubberCanuck, the main organizer of Rubbout, an annual rubber kink event in Vancouver. Rubbout is a Vancouver, BC grass-roots organization that has organized a party weekend since 1991. We are staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers who do it purely for the […]

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Episode 03 – I’m Not Laughing

In this episode, we take a moment to respond to an email we received from one of the co-founders of the Bareback Brotherhood, talking about the parody interview we did with “gollum”. Apparently he didn’t care for our brand of humor and took the time to tell us we got it all wrong. Then proceeds […]

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