Episode 205 – Totally Masc 4 Masc, Bro

Description of Show We are talking with our friend Debit (first debuted on the show in Episode 51 – Covering Recovery and has been back many more times) about masculinity and identity issues within the kink world. Show Notes Douche Pickle of the Week: Women Trump Supporters Close Their Accounts At Nordstrom For Dumping Ivanka Sparky is now […]

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Ungagged Episode 20 – Double Male-Bag

Description of Show Now that we’ve hit 20 episodes of the Ungagged podcast, its time for another dip into the mailbag (last time was Episode 10!). Before we do that, we run down some very important stories of the day. Show Notes In the News Fascist Furries find themselves unwelcome in polite fur-ciety. Every woman […]

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Episode 204 – The Postman Cometh

Description of Show Time to open up the ole (e)mail bag! Sparky and Daddy Tony read listener messages and discuss everything from leaving quickly after sex to pansexuality. Show Notes Now What? Yes, Trump fatigue has set in a bit. Fight that feeling by supporting the organizations that support us. This week, we feature Planned […]

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Episode 203 – Harshing My Buzz

Description of Show Sex, drugs, and beating balls. On this episode we have a discussion with Ungagged hosts Drew and Mikey about drugs, sex and kink. We go down a list of the most popular drugs and talk about our experiences of each. Some of them are awesome and totally safe to use in a controlled […]

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Episode 202 – Pop Goes the Kinkster

Description of Show A few months ago the local news weekly, The Stranger, sent a reporter over to our show to do a story about us and other kinky online educational resources from the Seattle area, and thus was the first time we met Matt. He is a sweet guy that did a great write […]

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Ungagged Episode 19 – A Different Kind of Sparky

About This Episode We’re talking this week about electro play! We’re also shaking off the dust of the holidays and catching up on the news. Catching up in the new year What’s in the news: An arthritic tortoise loves to get it on Are there wedding bells in store for a woman and her robot? […]

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Episode 201 – I See Bootblack Part 2

Description of Show For this episode we continue the discussion with Patrick about is side job doing phone sex work, and move on to some discussion about the intersection of age and kink culture. This is going to be a highly fun episode that you are not going to want to miss! About Our Guest […]

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Episode 201 – I See Bootblack Part 1

Description of Show Our guest, boy Patrick, talks to us about bootblacking and how it relates both to his personal sexuality and to the broader community. boy Patrick also discusses his other career as a phone sex operator and Daddy Tony roleplays as a “typical” client. Stay tuned for the second part for the next […]

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Episode 200 – We Are 200

Holy shit, somehow we made it to 200 of these damn things! We hope you are as excited as we are that we hit this milestone (though in truth you probably aren’t, but it is still cool)! For this episode we start off with presenting a little award to a friend of the show. We […]

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Episode 199 – Yes Means Anal

  With so much in the news lately about consent, we thought we would tackle this often misunderstood and very touchy subject! Show Notes News Links http://metro.co.uk/2015/10/27/men-are-taking-photos-of-their-balls-in-front-of-beautiful-landscapes-5465223/ http://www.standard.co.uk/goingout/attractions/a-semen-cooking-class-is-set-for-london-a3374146.html http://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/10000-endangered-scrotum-frogs-have-died-near-lake-titicaca/ http://en.rocketnews24.com/2016/11/02/religious-chocolate-nipples-ranging-from-young-girls-to-mature-ladies-launched-in-japan/ Topics What is consent How do you get it When are you not getting How much do kinksters thing about consent Playing with the blurred […]

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