Episode 101 – That’s So Tyesha

Tyesha returns in this episode. We had a blast with her the last time, and the ride was pretty wild this time around, too. You do not want to miss this one.

Tyesha would like to take a moment for this public service announcement: Wash your hands and brush your teeth. That is all. Thank you.

Show Notes

Quotable Quotes

  • “That was smooth, just like Crisco.”
  • “Have you ever seen a banana get ripe?”
  • “When the cat gets humpy humpy.”
  • “I wouldn’t want to wag my dick in front of a 9-year old girl.”
  • “Did you just OJ Simpson that?”
  • “Happy Queer Tightasses Day in the Middle of Downtown”
  • “It’s weird when you get interrupted by your boss.”
  • “Hey, hellerrrr. Still at the bus station, and he passed me up.”
  • “It was like Jesus giving me a high five through my vagina.”
  • “Rusty lumpy oatmeal sex.”

In the News

Discussion Topics

About Our Guest

Tyesha is first and foremost, a Leatherwoman. She is also a Queer Femme Tomboy, forever student, writer, a lover of history, teacher, musician and “paper schlepper” with an outgoing nature leads her to volunteer her gifts and talents wherever needed.

Tyesha has lived in the DFW and surrounding areas for the past decade and officially calls Dallas her home though she currently lives in Wilton Manors, FL. An ex military brat, she knew about her sadomasochistic nature even while a young girl living in Italy and is grateful for the opportunities to discuss and demonstrate her thoughts on it. She also enjoys talking and teaching on generational and minority issues.

Tyesha has served as NLA-International Policy and Procedures Chair, Registration Coordinator for Gender Odyssey, President of the Dallas girls of Leather and Leatherati.com as their Calendar Editor, Staff Writing Correspondent and Contributing Editor. She still serves NLA-International as Secretary and Policy and Procedures Chair and now serves as Editor for Leatherati.com. She has served on many other boards and committees including Beyond Vanilla and Women in Leather International and Dallas Fresh Leather.

Tyesha believes that evolution does not happen without knowledge of the past, neither does it truly evolve fully without the help and creativity of the future. She knows that wisdom and foresight have no age limit. When people understand this, history will be repeated less, solutions will be achieved faster and the Elders will have the ability to go on vacation. She is grateful for the mentors and close friends and family that continue to help the growth of her Identity and journey.

You can find Tyesha on Facebook as tye.leather and Twitter @TyeOshun. She was also on Episode 28 and Episode 29.


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This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature The Spyder Gag. It’s a Mr. S Exclusive!


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