Episode 104 – Mr. Friendly

Few topics create as much emotion among gay men than discussing HIV. We have been living with this disease for over 30 years. There are a lot of attitudes surrounding the virus itself, men who have HIV, men who don’t have HIV, how we talk about sex, and how we approach ourselves and others with the precautions we take to slow the spread of the virus.

Joining us tonight is Dave, the gay man who started the Mr. Friendly campaign to help us realize when we’re stigmatizing and stereotyping other people on either side of the seroconversion equation.

Check out Mr. Friendly’s web site.

And here’s Mr. Friendly!


Show Notes

Discussion Topics

  • Shout out to Ruff. Thanks Ruff!
  • Letter from Gymratter
  • In the news: Don’t touch Coco like that!
  • Mr. Friendly
    • What is it?
    • What does the symbol look like?
    • Why was it created?
    • All of the various stigmas and assumptions related to gay men and HIV
    • Why “Know Your Status” encourages stigma
    • Discussion about HIV within the leather community vs. the larger gay community
    • HIV status and desires in online profiles
    • The endurance of HIV stigma for 30 years in the gay community
    • An HIV test is not a shield
    • In the news: How does “undetectability” affect guys’ desire to have sex without condoms?
    • How to get Mr. Friendly stuff? Go to the web site to find pins, dog tags, t-shirts, and lots of other cool stuff.
    • How to create a Team Friendly
  • Letter from Starky Boy
  • In the news: Too many orgasms? Really?

Quotable Quote

Female Butt Baggies

About Our Guest

Dave was honored with the title of Mr. Michigan Leather 2009, served on the CLAW board for 5 years and has judged IML, MIR, and GLLA. He has completed many food fetish presentations, countless HIV-related classes and enjoys flogging “newbies” at leather events while feeding Little Debbie snacks (hence the name Mama’s Nutty Buddy). Passionate about reducing the stigma of HIV, Dave currently works as an HIV Counselor/Tester and is the creator of the anti-stigma campaign “Mr Friendly.”


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This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Hump Gear Butt Plug by Perfect Fit.

Hump Gear Butt Plug in use

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One Response to Episode 104 – Mr. Friendly

  1. Dave Watt September 27, 2014 at 8:20 AM #

    Hey guys! WOW you are amazing. A def fan of your show – how you raise awareness and make us laugh – a grrreat combo. When we were able to find humor in Coco the Dog, I felt right at ease. You guys lead the discussion into some pretty deep areas – fun and serious at the same time – not just superficial chit chat. MUCH appreciated! KUDOS. friendly hugs all around…

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