Episode 105 – Tank

Only three words this time:  WHAT. THE. FUCK?

Now that’s out of the way. For this episode, we have the insane hotness known as Tank. I mean, look at the pic! And that smile is boner-inducing.

The current American Leatherboy tells us about the work he is doing with youth in New Jersey, the upcoming American Brotherhood Weekend, gets us all hot and bothered with discussions of impact play and chastity, and deals with the craziness of the crew in the studio. Don’t miss this one!


Show Notes

Quotable Quote

“It’s my apnea machine for my dick.”

Discussion Topics

About Our Guest

Tank Teachworth, “Mama’s All-American Pup,” resides in Asbury Park, New Jersey. He is an “ambassador at large” full member of the Atlanta based leather club Panther Leather/Levi, and is also an associate member of the Jersey boys of Leather. Tank works full time as community outreach health educator and HIV counselor with the Visiting Nurse’s Association Health Group of New Jersey, in a segment called Project R.E.A.L. (Real Empowerment on All Levels.) At Project R.E.A.L., a youth LGBTQ drop-in center, they focus on relationships, HIV prevention, counseling, rapid testing, social outlets, gender identity, and many more important LGBTQ topics.

In April 2013, Tank became Mr. Atlanta Eagle. “My time as Mr. Atlanta Eagle has been an incredibly powerful experience. I’ve had the pleasure of supporting a variety of charitable organizations, such as Lost and Found Atlanta (a youth LGBTQ homeless shelter,) Alphabet Soup Atlanta (a Transgender support group for friends, allies, partners and men and women in transition,) P.A.L.S. Atlanta (Pets Are Loving Support) and Leather Heart Foundation. Being Mr. Atlanta Eagle has allowed me the opportunity to support the Atlanta Eagle not just an iconic leather bar, but a home to many who felt they had no place to belong. It has truly been one of the greatest pleasures of my life serving as Mr. Atlanta Eagle.” To transition all that from a local bar title into the national stage has been “a tremendous blessing, and I could not be more fortunate, as I am surrounded by the best men and women, and hearts and minds in the community through the American Leather Family.”

Tank also enjoys making the good pups go bad! His kinks and fetishes include puppy play, impact play, breath control, uniforms, sports gear, humiliation, electro, CBT, ass play, interrogation play, power exchange, and many more.

As the American Leatherboy 2013, Pup Tank has chosen to champion a cause in men’s sexual health, specifically through PrEP, Pre-Exposure Prophylactic, a medical treatment used in conjunction with condoms to further prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. He feels as though we must embrace every opportunity to affect change in our community, and if only one life is spared, then the effort is absolutely worth it.

Pup Tank would like to express his deepest gratitudes to Atlanta Panther Leather / Levi for supporting him from the first time he put on leather in public until now, as well as Sir Alan Penrod, Pup Nitro Hankinson, Daddy Sal Susino and Daddy Dion Daly-Susino, and the Atlanta Eagle, for being the playground every pup deserves.


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Front Zip Carpenter Vest.


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