Episode 106 – Tit Faced

We always have a fabulous (and hilarious) time when Mama Tits joins us. In this episode, we discuss play party etiquette (and how NOT to do it), encouraging kink with a nonkinky boyfriend, and all of the recent issues with big social media.

And Mama does not let anything get past her. She will call you on your shit.

Bonus: Before we started the show, we introduced Mama to the grapefruit.

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Mimosas with Mama, Mama Tits’ weekly show has been nominated for Best Theater Group in the 2014 Best of Western Washington. Go here to vote for Mama Tits! Hurry! Voting ends October 24, 2014.

You can also vote for Mama for Woman of the Year.

Show Notes

Discussion Topics

  • Sparky’s Rant. Boys, use good play party etiquette, otherwise, someone may call you a:
    • Dickhead
    • Fuck wad
    • Queen
    • Troll doll that’s lost all of its hair and has no purpose in life
    • Cupie doll
    • Douchebag
    • Douche pickle
    • Fucktard
  • Listener Letters and comments
    • A new listener started exploring kink and is now with his Sir
    • How to encourage your nonkinky boyfriend to explore some kinks with you
  • Social Media
    • How the issue began
    • How a well-meaning but simplistic policy can have the opposite of the intended effect
    • The evils of all social media companies
    • Alternatives
    • The dangers of accidentally exposing your kinky self to nonkinky folks

About Our Guest

Mama Tits is a worldwide celebrity drag queen. She has taken on right-winger religious loudmouths. (At our annual celebration, no less.) She is Seattle’s Skyscraper Hostess. She has a weekly show during brunch, Mimosas with Mama. Each Sunday, you can watch “Mama Mia!” Starting Thanksgiving weekend, there will be a new show called “Boob Job for Christmas.”  You can check out all of the details about the show, including show times and location, www.mimosaswithmama.com.

Mama was previously on NoSafeWord Episode 53, Episode 93, and Shorts 06.


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