Episode 107 – Woodwind Queefs

This episode is a stroll through the meadow. The meadow is pot plants. And the air was full of the aroma of pot. A lot of pot. And then we recorded a show. In the middle of the meadow. With the lovely warm sun. The butterflies flittering by on a gentle breeze. And the aroma of pot. Everywhere.

Which would explain the . . . um . . . sanity (yeah, we’ll go with that) that you’re about to listen to.

Show Notes

Discussion Topics

We had some listener letters.

Here’s some news stories:

Tonight’s kink discussion: Tickle torture.

About Our Guest

What guest? Oh god, I wish there was a guest tonight. Why couldn’t there have been a guest?


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Iron Maiden Cock Ring and the Iron Maiden Ball Stretcher. Awesome pieces that are now made of stainless steel.

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