Episode 113 – Can You Even Handle It?

Puppies, puppies, everywhere. But what would puppies be without their handlers? CHAOS, that’s what they’d be. We’ve done a few shows where we discussed various aspects of puppydom. (Like kingdom. Not puppy doms. But a king is usually a dom. Nevermind.) In this episode, we hear about things from the other end of the leash.

We are very delighted to have Northwest Handler 2015 with us. Daddy Rodney has a whole pack of puppies, and he has a lot to say about working with a pack and the handler headspace.

(I was only off by one minute.)

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Show Notes

In the News

Quotable Quote

“I so want to get Mama Tits to dress up like the Queen of England and put Daddy Tony on a leash.”

Discussion Topics

  • We love Canada
  • The polyamorous aspects of an entire pack of puppies
  • The mostly undefined role of handlers
  • Handler headspace

About Our Guest

After meeting Pup Figaro in 2008, Daddy Rodney became actively involved in the puppy play lifestyle.  Since 2008, he’s gone on to become the Daddy for their family pack, Wruff Pack, which currently has 5 puppies and a squeaky toy.

Daddy Rodney is proud to be a founding member of SEA-PAH and VAN-PAH. He’s traveled around the Northwest and in July 2014 to St. Louis for IPC and has had the opportunity to meet pups, Handlers, and those interested from all over the US.

Daddy Rodney competed in the Northwest Puppy and Handler Contest in August 2014 and won his current title of Northwest Handler 2015.  He looks forward to continuing to grow with our thriving puppy community.

Daddy Rodney was previously on Episode 46, when he and Pup Figaro debuted on the NoSafeWord Show.


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