Episode 114 – Project Touchbase

With the daily hubbub of life, it is very easy to lose contact with our friends. We have various social media apps, and that seems to keep us all informed of what’s going on with our friends. But how well do we actually connect with our friends in 140-character messages, or when those status updates are written for the whole world to see? Do we have the same quality of social interaction as we did 5 or 10 years ago?

Pup Figaro thinks that there’s something missing. He’s here to tell us about Project Touchbase, which he and Pup Havok have started, as a way to help people reconnect with each other. And he tells us all about it on this episode.

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Pup Figaro is a co-founder of Project Touchbase with Pup Havok. He is Alpha Pup in the Wruff Pack and has been owned by his Daddy since 2008. Figaro is a Border Collie and as such can be found herding the local pups and Handlers to events. After moving from San Francisco, he found that he very much missed the close-knit SF pup community. He got involved with SEA-PAH, founded VAN-PAH (Vancouver Pups and Handlers), and won the title of Northwest Puppy 2014. Named for his involvement in Opera and Classical singing, Figaro enjoys meeting new pups and finding ways to strengthen the pup community. Figaro loves snickerdoodles, scritches, moshing, and sitting with his tongue out. In July of this year, he won the title of International Puppy 2015.

You can find Figaro on Twitter as @PupFigaro, on Facebook at Pup.Figaro, and on Recon as FigaroPup.


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This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Show Tail by Square Peg.


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