Episode 125 – Bamm-Bamm

Lesson learned from this episode: Don’t do things to get you noticed when you’re sporting a mullet. On this episode, we chat with Bamm-Bamm, who was International Leatherboy 2012, about his introduction to the leather world, his experiences with drag, and being a titleholder. We also discuss the epic idiocy of someone who tries to tell other people what makes a “true leatherman.”

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Show Notes

In the News

Discussion Topics

  • Who’s the Bamm-Bamm?
  • First experience in a leather bar
  • International Leatherboy 2012
  • Drag queen
  • Conflicts with other leathermen over drag

Quotable Quotes

“Everybody wants to fuck a clown once.”

About Our Guest

International Leatherboy 2012 Bamm-Bamm is a transplant into the South Bay community, having been raised on a small farm in Kansas and getting his Bachelors degree in Political Science from Kansas State University.  He shares his life with his partner Ryan and two very large and bouncy bio-puppies. Bamm-Bamm has traveled around the world exploring his perversions, living in places like London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Bangkok, and NYC. Most recently, Bamm-Bamm lived in Phoenix, AZ while studying for his Masters Degree in Justice Studies (the brochure assured him he could become a superhero). Bamm-Bamm is a proud member of the Phoenix boys of Leather, and SCCLA.  With a special passion for bootblacking and leather care, Bamm-Bamm takes great pride in exploring his kinks and helping others discover theirs through positive inner development and self awareness. Bamm-Bamm can often be found bootblacking at the SF Eagle and various events.


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