Episode 135 – Staying Alive

Sadly many of us in the gay community have been affected by someone who has taken his or her own life. The crew of the NoSafeWord Show has known several people during the past couple of years. Rattnip shares with us his brush with suicide and discusses with us what it felt like for him. We also talk a bit about how to recognize the signs in our friends.

If you are feeling like things are hopeless and there is no other way out, please call one of these organizations before you do anything else:

Show Notes

In the News


  • Who is Rattnip?
  • Where he came from
  • His personal story with suicide
  • Signs to look for in yourself
  • Signs in others
  • What you can do to help others

About Our Guest

Rattnip moved to Seattle in July 2014. A New England native, he escaped from the clutches of banking to pursue a career for a large company you are familiar with but will remain nameless. The rat bartended for three years in Boston while putting himself through school and eventually earning his MBA. Now in semi-bartending retirement he is a member of SEA-PAH, a leather and rubber enthusiast, and one of those furry people you’ve heard so much about.


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