Episode 137 – Mr. Rubber Ireland

There as an absolutely adorable rubber kinkster in Ireland. There’s probably a lot of them, but there’s one in particular who holds the very first Mr. Rubber Ireland title. And he is here with us to do a show! Join us to hear about the kink scene in Ireland.

If you’re in Ireland or planning to go there, check out www.gearedireland.com for all of the latest happenings.

Show Notes

In the News


  • Mr. Rubber Ireland – Collie
  • Rubber Scene in Ireland
    • How does it compare with other places?
  • Kink or gear events in Europe
  • Furries haven’t fucked Ireland up. Yet.
  • Who is Collie? Where did he come from?

About Our Guest

Collie is the proud, and the first ever, holder of the title of Mr. Rubber Ireland. He is from Northern Ireland and has been involved in the rubber and kink scene for just over two years now and is loving every minute of it.

During his journey in the kink world, he has discovered that he is a pup and is well known as Pup Link. He shares his life with his pup partner, Felan, and has traveled to Dublin, London, and Berlin to discover more about himself and of the kink world. Collie takes pride in exploring his pup side as well his other kink interests like rubber, bondage, BDSM, and leather, to name but a few.

Collie is a dedicated volunteer with Geared Ireland, a non profit organization that holds a monthly fetish dress code night in Dublin, where gay men can meet up and socialize with each other in their favorite pieces of gear in a safe and friendly environment. On his travels about Europe, he tries to spread the word about Geared Ireland and the fetish scene within Ireland. He does what he can to promote the Irish fetish scene as well as Geared Ireland and all the hard work that the organizers and  the wonderful volunteers do.

As he considers himself fairly new to the scene, he makes a point to try and welcome any newcomers and to make sure that he pays forward the warm welcome that he received. Collie is not afraid to pass on any knowledge he has gained or to loan gear for others to try as we all have to start somewhere. He is a firm believer that every newcomer should be welcomed and aided to ensure that they have the best experience and join the fetish community. Only by welcoming new blood into the community, can the community grow, strengthen, and survive!

You can find him on Twitter as @omegapuplink and on Facebook as MrRubberIreland.


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The view from the back is nice, too.



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