Episode 138 – Live at IML Part 1

We’re live at IML! The entire NoSafeWord crew traveled to Chicago for the festivities. All of the hot leathermen, rubbermen, puppies, men in uniform, men in sports gear, and even a few furries. It’s like a kinky Noah’s Ark! Okay, maybe not. But it is fun.

We grab a few people from the live audience and have a conversation about the various IML experiences.

Show Notes


  • Tyesha’s an IML virgin!
  • Nitro has fun IML stories, too.
  • Steve tells us what it’s like to be an IML contestant
  • Neil talks about hypno and how he has fun with various guys at events like IML. And he does fun things to Sparky.

About Our Guests

Tyesha is one of our frequent guests. We love Tyesha!

Nitro is another frequent guest. And he’s fucking sexy.

Steve is Mr. Ohio Leather 2014.

Neil is an erotic hypnotist who has been on the show several times in the past. You can listen to Episodes x, x, x, and x to hear a lot about hypnotism. You can also go to Neil’s web site  erotic-hypno.com


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode, Mikey went to the Mr. S booth at the vendor mart and picked out two of their new neoprene items. Last episode, we featured the Neoprene Mercenary Vest. He also has a pair of the Neoprene Football Pants. They look very fun in person!

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