Episode 140 – Live at IML Part 3

Day 2 of the IML recordings! Today we’re talking with people on Sunday afternoon from the lobby of the host hotel.

Show Notes


  • Tyesha tells us about the contest events that happened Saturday night.
    • Pecs and Personality
  • Tina — International Ms. Leather — talks about her first IML. She also tells us about the IMsL contest.
  • The fabulous Midori shares her experiences as a first-time IML judge.
  • Rich is a photographer, and he likes to work the crowd at leather events.
  • Brad tells us about the Mr. International Rubber contest.

About Our Guests

Tyesha is here again. We love Tyesha.

Tina Maravilla AKA Sarge is the current International Ms. Leather. You can find her on Twitter: @SargeIMsL2015

Midori was with us again. She has a Rope Dojo coming up on July 18-19, Forte Femme is a female dominance workshop on June 19-21, and the Dog and Pony Show — an art show in southern California on August 1.

Rich Statmiller is a photographer who takes a lot of photos of leather events and other leather and kink. You can see his website at www.richtrove.com.

Brad (ChicagoGear) is one of the official IML photographers. He is also the production coordinator for Mr. International Rubber contest, which is coming up November 6-8.


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode, Drew went to the Mr. S booth at the vendor mart and picked out some leather items. He looks sexy in the Carpenter Cargo Shorts in camo. These are awesome shorts that even make Drywall Ass look great! He also picked out a JT’s Miner Cap, also in camo.

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