Episode 141- #TuggerGate

Every contestant at the International Mr. Leather contest brings something unique to the stage. Some of us have more unique than others. Pup Tugger was fierce in his heels and corset. But some leather queens couldn’t handle that and had to boo him onstage or say mean stupid things about him on the Internet after the contest. For this episode, Tugger talks to us about his IML experience, and we explore the conflict from the traditionalists and the rest of us who just want to be who we are and show that to the world.

Tugger is a lot of fun! We had a great time. Don’t miss this one!

Show Notes

In the News


  • Tugger’s a bottom?!?
  • Tugger looks fierce in heels.
  • But some leathermen have small penises.
  • Things are changing, and a leather titleholder can be something more than they used to be.
  • How we feel uncomfortable about things that are different, and how do we handle that?
  • Tugger and future contests
  • Tugger’s etiquette blog

About Our Guest

As a fetishist in Phoenix, Arizona; it is not only the weather that is hot! Tugger came out into the Gay Men’s Leather community in 2009 and hit the ground running. He has gotten first paw experience in multiple types of power discordant relationships and a multitude of kinks. A huge part of why Tugger appreciates the Leather community is the educational opportunities therein. We are happy to educate our brothers and sisters in what we are comfortable in teaching and act as a resource to find information for what we are not. He loves helping his fellow fetishists along in their Leather journey and watching them grow in their life. Let’s make some people uncomfortable; because in discomfort, we are forced to grow!

Follow his journey at puptugger.com. And look at his etiquette blog.

You can see a compilation of Tugger’s on-stage moments from the IML contest.


Mr. S Leather Co.

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