Episode 144 – Bi Now, Gay Later

Some kinksters are crazy! Tonight’s guest is crazy in all of the sexy ways. Cypherrub is a local bisexual married daddy. Father, not that other kind of daddy. He tells us about some of his hilarious antics. And along the way, we delve into issues of kink within marriage, open marriage, Roombas, the in-laws, bouncy balls, offspring, Life Saver pillows, and muggles.

Show Notes

In the News


  • Cypherrub
  • Young in life
    • Life Saver pillows
    • Easy on the fucking of the Life Savers.
    • Easy on the vacuum pumps!
  • Easy on the shop vacs! (Maybe not so young in life for this one.)
  • Ninja!
  • How the open relationship works with Cypherrub and the missus.
  • Friday Night
  • Stuff he’s into
  • Handling the kink and marriage with the kids.
  • Interacting with the muggles
  • 250 bouncy balls, 3 pairs of pantyhose, and high heels

About Our Guest

I’m an extremely down-to-Earth kind of guy who happens to get into a huge variety of kinks. I’m always interested in seeking out new and exciting scenes and have made some great kinky friends over the years. Mostly, I just really enjoy playing with a creative top who can get pleasure out of using my body as they see fit. Outside of being kinky, I like to swim, play video games and board games, and just hang out. Of course, I can always do those while wearing something kinky too. ;)


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature their new Rubber Puppy Hood.


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