Episode 153 – Two in the Pink…

A few weeks ago, Greg was on our show. And it was fucking hilarious. Well, he’s back. And this time, he brought his wife. So the hilarity is twice as much! Listen to Greg and Kat chat with us about marriage, sexuality, kinks, and things that have happened to the two of them.

Show Notes

In the News


  • Kat knew about Greg liking guys before he did.
  • But they knew about the kinky stuff quickly.
  • And Kat is funsexual.
  • Protip: Go to parties assuming that everyone has rejected you.
  • Gelli Baff (Google it)
  • Jet-Puffed gone so so wrong.
  • And peanut butter.
  • Pudding, too.
  • Bouncy balls, part 2. (Part 1 is in Episode 144.)

About Our Guests


I’m an extremely down-to-Earth kind of guy who happens to get into a huge variety of kinks. I’m always interested in seeking out new and exciting scenes and have made some great kinky friends over the years. Mostly, I just really enjoy playing with a creative top who can get pleasure out of using my body as they see fit. Outside of being kinky, I like to swim, play video games and board games, and just hang out. Of course, I can always do those while wearing something kinky too. ;)


Kat thinks she’s not very interesting, so she didn’t want me to write anything about her. Well, you know I can’t do that! Kat is a lovely person. She enjoys board games. (I know this because she’s kicked my ass at one or two of them.) She’s kinky. She’s a lot of fun to be around. :)


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