Episode 154 – And One in the Stink

Part 2! Greg talks with us some more about the trials of working kinks into a marriage. And a bit about how he makes some of the kids’ activities more fun for him.

Show Notes

In the News


  • Adult-oriented Hallowe’en costume.
  • How to do kinky things while balancing the spouse and kids.
  • Dreams with caving floors that rub your dick, slides, pools of marshmallow that cause orgasms.
  • Weirdest thing Kat did to Greg.
  • Gunge is foreplay.

About Our Guests


I’m an extremely down-to-Earth kind of guy who happens to get into a huge variety of kinks. I’m always interested in seeking out new and exciting scenes and have made some great kinky friends over the years. Mostly, I just really enjoy playing with a creative top who can get pleasure out of using my body as they see fit. Outside of being kinky, I like to swim, play video games and board games, and just hang out. Of course, I can always do those while wearing something kinky too. ;)


Kat thinks she’s not very interesting, so she didn’t want me to write anything about her. Well, you know I can’t do that! Kat is a lovely person. She enjoys board games. (I know this because she’s kicked my ass at one or two of them.) She’s kinky. She’s a lot of fun to be around. :)


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