Episode 155 – Where Are My Keys?

Some guys like having things up their butts. Let’s face it, they feel good. Some guys like having big things up their butts. And some guys love having a whole hand up their butts. That’s what we’re talking about tonight! We get some history and advice from two local guys who have done lots of fists.

We discussed fisting with Larry Shockey way back in Episodes 7 and 8, so you can get more info from a different perspective in those episodes.

Show Notes

Love and Marriage

Sparky and Damien got officially married a couple nights ago. They went to watch a live recording of a different podcast called Keith and The Girl. And they happened to have their marriage license with them, so Chemda, one of the hosts of the podcast, officiated their wedding after the show. It’s official – Sparky and Damien are lawfully wedded husbands. There is wedding video.

In the News


  • Pup Ansel started with fisting while not knowing anything about how to do it
  • ThatDrewLion started with fisting while not knowing anything about how to do it
  • How you should get started with fisting. (Hint: Find someone who knows something about how to do it)
  • Three things you need to know to be a pro fister:
    • Lube recipes
    • Clean-out technique
    • Fisting diet
  • What do you guys get out of fisting or being fisted?

About Our Guests

Pup Ansel

Though he’s still a young pup, Ansel has been in the fisting community for several years and is a recent convert to the broader fetish community. Having just recently found his puppy side, he is eager to share his experience and information with new people. Outside the playroom (and inside too) he enjoys photography, PC gaming, and going to the gym. You can find him and his talented hole on Twitter as @FurDogAD.


ThatDrewLion has been on The NoSafeWord Show several times. And he’s on the crew! He knows a thing or two about fisting. He sticks it into other guys, and likes to have his ass played with a lot. Previous episodes: 49, 58, 59, 76, and 77.


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Six-Ball Chain Gang.


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