Episode 164 – A Transman Walks into a Leather Bar…

Our transgendered brothers are fierce! Have you ever seen one of them wield a whip or a strop? Don’t mess with ’em! But they’re also just as kind-hearted and fun to be around. And they add so much to the tapestry of kinky gay life.

Mitch and Jonas join us to talk about being a transman in the kink community. They have some great things to share with us.

Show Notes

Douchepickle of the Week

  • Kim D***s and Jim Jordan

In the News


  • Mitch’s background
  • Jonas’s background
  • How being kinky affects gender identity
  • Acceptance (or lack of acceptance) of trans men
  • Accidentally using wrong pronouns
  • Personal safety
  • Awkward questions

About Our Guests

Jonas is a leather boy who has been in the community for over 15 years.  He came up through the women’s community in Berlin, Germany, before he moved to San Francisco to be with his now husband and Sir, Mitchel.  After moving to Seattle almost 8 years ago, he connected to the men’s community there, joined SML, and later also Sbol, where he is now president. He is also proud boy to Miss Becca, WA Bootblack 2014. He is out as trans, and feels he is eternally trying to figure out how to pick up all those hot Daddies out there .


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Wolf Muzzle. It comes in both white and gray.

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