Episode 168 – Another Fucking Rubbout Show

Hey boys! Guess what??? Rubbout 25 is coming up! (Bet you didn’t know that, huh?) About a month-and-a-half from now. Reid is one of the main organizers (producer, I think is his title) so he comes to tell us about this year’s event. You should come join us! We’re planning to record an episode of the NoSafeWord Show at Rubbout.

Here’s the web site with all of the details.

Show Notes

Douchepickle of the Week

  • Idiots in the bar who can’t keep their hands to themselves

In the News


  • What is Rubbout?
  • Quick rundown of the weekend
  • Come play with us!
  • Community building
  • What is rubber about? The elevator pitch.
  • Dealing with the gays in their natural environment when we’re there with rubber and fetish gear.
  • IML memories
  • Watersports party
  • Rubber for gay men vs. rubber for straight men. Is it different?

About Our Guest

Reid has been involved in rubber and kink for 17 years. He moved to Vancouver from Calgary in 2009 while he still held the Mr. Rubber Calgary title, and instantly became involved in the rubber and leather community in Vancouver, continuing the work he started in Calgary. He has been organizing Rubbout since the 20th anniversary in 2010 when Mitch Kenyon passed the torch to Doug, Rob, and Reid. He became Mr. West Coast Rubber in 2010 and ran for Mister International Rubber in the same year. In his 5th year organizing Rubbout, Reid has found a growing and integrated local community of gay perverts — in rubber, leather, puppy, and other forms — that are supportive of a growing interest in gear and events and groups that bring these communities together. Never shy to share his knowledge and gear, he has found a varied group of young men craving experience in bondage, kink and fetish.


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Head Harness Muzzle by Fetters USA.

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