Episode 169 – OMG Shoes

Well, I would tell you about the guest on this episode, but he wrote a tome, which appears below. Unfortunately, our publisher tells us that there is no more space to write anything else. Enjoy!

Show Notes

Douchepickle of the Week

  • Academy Awards

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  • Listener letters
  • Uh. Mah. Gawd. Shues.
  • How Rix gets off on shoes.
  • Shoes vs. boots
  • Judgment by shoes
  • Daddy’s lack of shoes
  • Shoe fetish vs. foot fetish

About Our Guest

Sir Rix is considered a Dom, Sir, Handler and Daddy in the BSDM, Leather, Pup and Kink Communities. Starting his journey of the kink realm back in 1998 from the city of Seattle, Washington.

Introduced to the idea of Kink and Fetish through a friend by a simple question of “What is your Fetish” and really not knowing what to say. Claiming, “I do not have a Fetish”. Yet, his friend was persistent on the topic, saying “Everyone has Something”. So per the friends direction, he spent the next few days just thinking and paying attention to what he noticed first on a person of interest.

The results of this simple experiment lead him to find that a person’s face and shoes are what caught his attention. And then all the connections just started to come together. What he noticed and focused on as a kid. How he always noticed what shoes the other kids wore and more.

Now back in 1998, fetish was not as well accepted. At least not in his circle of friends or community. Shoes or Sneakers were even more odd as many never heard of this as a fetish. Yet, Sir Rix was not quiet or ashamed of this new found interest.

2002 brought some big changes as Sir Rix moved to California. While he moved around Washington State in his youth, he never moved out of the state. Traveling around from Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and finally ending up in San Francisco.

Each new city brought new experiences. However, San Francisco is where he finally started to expand from his fetish of sneakers to other kinks. Being a typical gay male in San Francisco, he attended almost all the Street Fairs. Just like all other the other boys, he joined his friends for an outing to Dore Alley and then Folsom Street Fair. While others had fun dressing up for the event to just “Dress Up”, Sir Rix really found everything intriguing and took an interest in all the new wonderful toys and experiences.

Over time, more information was slowly gathered and experienced. Checking out websites, events and more. However, while in San Francisco, never really was engaged in the Leather Scene other than the fairs. It was not till 2007 when he returned to his home town of Seattle that he started to get more and more involved.

Sir Rix is an active member of Seattle Men in Leather and Seattle Pups and Handlers.

Living a Polyamorous lifestyle, he currently has two subs, one of whom lives with him. Yet, he will not limit his family. Always room for those who connect and fit in with the group. Currently in the process of purchasing his first home that he hopes to house his family and set up a large play space.

When it comes to experience, Sir Rix would consider himself a novice. While he may know about many things and can be rather creative. There has been little chance for him to truly work on his skills. Living in a small micro studio does not get much space for play. However, many would not consider him a novice. Yet, as he would say, we never stop learning. His next focus is to learn more bondage and rope work. However, with a wide variety of interests he tends to keep it fresh and interesting.

Sir Rix can be Contacted at:


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Nose Vice with 40″ Stainless Chain.


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