Episode 172 – Live at Rubbout

Sorry for the delay to all our listeners but there were a few big changes to our systems that we needed to work through. Now that they are all there, we are back to our regularly scheduled programming. In fact, we will have a bonus episode this week on Thursday to make up for not having one for you last week!

Show Notes

Douchepickle of the Week


We recorded a show live at Rubbout in Vancouver! You are going to hear a lot of things happening in the background because… there was a lot going on! There was a gear swap going on right in front of us, there was vac cubes going, there were people mingling, there was drinking, there was puppies in a shower! CRAZY PANTS!

And in the middle of it all we got o meet the current Mr International Rubber, Jeffrey Gummibärchen! He is a great and funny guy that we had a great time learning about is interests in rubber, his relationships and his title year!


  • Getting started in rubber
  • Jeffrey’s start in gear
  • Balancing relationships
  • What he has been doing with his title year
  • What he has coming up
  • Advice to rubber newbies!

About Our Guest


Bio pending


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Latex Sleepsack!


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