Episode 173 – Watts in a Name

There are several other people around who have podcasts and video channels. And sometimes they get newspaper articles written about them. Or one podcast will talk about the others.

Like NoSafeWord. Talking about Watts the Safeword. Or Defining Marriage. Or The Sewers of Paris.

You got it! We’re talking with Pup Bolt and Pup Amp about their video channel. (Video podcast? Vidcast? Is there a name for a recurring video thingy on YouTube?)

And we also talk with Matt Baume, who wrote a lovely article about NoSafeWord, Watts the Safeword, and the Center for Sex Positive Culture in The Stranger. You should go read the article.

And remember, kids: Sound it out.

Show Notes

In the News


  • Listener letter: Reaction to Episode 171.
  • What’s the Watt?
  • History
  • Bolt and Amp are not dating!
  • Different types of relationships and
  • Dealing with notoriety in public
  • The pornographies and how that feeds the show
  • The intersection of the kink/porn/podcast life with muggle life
  • Ukeleles and condoms
  • How would your younger self think of you today?

About Our Guests

Matt Baume

Matt writes for The Stranger. He is a published author. Go out and read his book, Defining Marriage. (Click that link to find all of the different formats for the book — paperback, ebook, and audio book!) In addition, Matt does a Defining Marriage podcast. On top of all of that, he does another podcast called Sewers of Paris.

You can find Matt on his web site (www.mattbaume.com) or on Twitter: @MattBaume.

Pup Bolt

Pup Amp


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Tail Fuck.

D114-36 D114-300

* See this video on YouTube if that reference is too obscure.

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