Episode 176 – In the News

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Show Notes

In the News


  • Hypnosis files back on Fox this fall.
  • Besides being the Zodiac Killer, Ted Cruz has a tiny penis.
  • NAMBLA Pre-School might be a bad branding idea. Woe to the man who transgenders public restrooms. Because apparently transgender is now a verb!
  • Listen letter: Serophobia and how it can impact an individuals love life. First take away – Polycuels can be complicated. Stigmas around the topic are alive and well in community, despite social niceties. Sero status is an important discussion when it comes to sex and negotiations. Do you have a right to someone’s medical history or Sero status? Is it reasonable to have the expectations of knowing when going into this situation? Discussion is paramount. Keeping on top of sexual health.
  • Is the stigma around HIV status diminishing? More information and better news. Medical advancements have changed how younger generations approach the illness.
  • Roleplay fantasies! Has Daddy done it? Spanky a boy in a baseball dugout. Coach and player, yes! Pup and handler… that’s weird.


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