Episode 175 – Pup Identity

Douchepickle of the week: AFA – skidmarks, assholes, soccer mom’s – oh my!  Daddy goes a bit dark on the feelings he has about the American Family Association and gender-neutral bathrooms.

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  • Started with items noticed locally – local groups seem to be made up of a lot of non-traditional puppies – how to make sure they feel welcome and included without compromising anyone’s headspace.
    •  Distracting at moshes and with other puppies headspaces at time.
  • Sparky has never moshed!
  • Daddy is not quite up to date on the topic – but has seen a bit and can totally identify with the headspace concerns.
  • Fursuits at the rubbout party – respect that it’s their thing, but stood out in the environment – was afraid of shedding!
    • Brutus: Traditional ‘RePUPlican’ values but want’s to ensure everyone is included.
    • Ansel: Easy transition for furries to pup headspace – many furry groups are ‘G-rated’ – puppy communities tend to be more allowing of this.
  • Brutus was a furry – was a fox, then a lion, then a dog, now a ‘me’ – but never felt a ‘furry headspace’.  First ‘taste’ of headspace.
  • Daddy wants to know: What is ‘Antelope’ / ‘Reindeer’ / ‘etc’ headspace?  Is it like pup headspace?  How do they see it fitting into the puppy community.
  • If you are not a puppy and not in a puppy headspace – is it appropriate for you to participate in a puppy mosh where the assumption is that this is for ‘pup space’ – vs. something more open?  Is that offensive?
    • All-skate / Public swim
  • Remember: people have made the transition from puppy to furry as well.
  • Daddy: That gives puppies a fun place to go – but where do other animals go?  Do they have a (e.g.)skunk mosh for people to have their own outlet?
  • Label of ‘puppy’ compared to the label ‘leather’ – we are still defining this as a group.
  • What does it mean to be a puppy?
  • How can we make sure that everyone is included and comfortable without offending everyone?
    • Is this possible even?

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Pup Brutus: Bestest puppy in the land!

Pup Ansel: Also the bestest puppy!  What?!  There can be two of them!!!


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