Episode 180 – Like a Fine Wine…

Our good friend Kinkidiver is back and here to talk about how sometimes experience, knowledge, and history can be some of the sexiest features you’ll ever find in a guy, especially when it comes to BDSM!  Sparky, Daddy Tony, and Jeff tackle the topics of agism, what older gentlemen have to offer, and why being a hot young twink isn’t always everything!

Show Notes

In the News


  • Older guys do tend to have more experience and knowledge!
  • Many are experienced in mentoring – but some want to play too!
  • Body image and how to handle getting older
  • Experience-hunters
  • Dealing with energy levels and getting older

About our Guest

Kinkidiver has been happily tying guys up (and getting tied up himself) for many years. One of the NoSafeWord crew has known him for 18 years. He loves bondage, rubber, leather, and sports gear and is an all-around perv. Just our type!  You can find him as kinkidiver on Recon.  Kinkidiver was also on Episode 62.


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