Episode 185 – YesSafeWord

It’s opposite day!  Today the NoSafeWord crew discusses all things safeword related, from how we came up with the name of the show, what our favorites are, when to use them, and why they are important!

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  • Safe Word doesn’t mean ‘go to town’
  • Not inherently good or bad – they just ‘are’
  • Daddy: Goal is to not need the safeword
  • Sparky: Uses communication as the main method
  • Why named the show ‘NoSafeWord’?
    • Get to the point where you don’t need to have one.
    • Enough education, enough knowledge, enough communication
    • Sometimes you can’t say the safeword…
  • Sometimes even in relationships – may need for new stuff…
  • Mikey is a tight ass.  Great butt.  Huuge.  I have the best butt, everyone says so.
  • May help for new people – feel more safe, secure.
  • Don’t want to disappoint top – may not even use it as unsure of what will happen
  • Communication early is important – and keeping communication going during is Sparky’s approach.
  • Some tops get very intense, safewords are very important in those types of scenes.
    • If Sparky was going to get whipped, he would definitely want a safeword.
      • Daddy won’t give him one if he does it.
  • Meeting a stranger?  Good time to have a safeword agreed upon.  Dialog and communication in new relationships is very important and will only make for a better experience for everyone involved :)
  • Every not a great idea?
    • Sparky: Safeword was requested, he specifically denied.  This is why: Sparky had to specifically draw everything out of him, wanted to try new things in scene and get immediate results from the sub.
    • Used as a ‘shield’ sometimes – I won’t every do anything without a safeword – make sure you aren’t crazy.
  • Keep in mind, a safe word is not magic – if a top wants to do harm, he can.
  • LPT: tie down the feet to make it harder for the sub to cum
  • Favorite safewords:
    • Rootabega – neighbor was getting things stuck up his butt, and had to guess the item
    • Green/Yellow/Red – standard, though green light doesn’t need to be said, could mean go harder though
  • Some tops – red light is the goal
  • Sparky: one safeword he used was ‘Take me to the fucking airport right now’
  • Electro isn’t for every top…
  • Idea behind safeword is something that is uncommon – don’t use common words
    • ‘Blood’
    • ‘Supercalifragilisticexpilallidocious’
    • ‘No’, ‘Stop’, Aaaaa’, etc.  No is not is safeword.
  • Safewords have a place – but do not replace communication, don’t think this is a shortcut for talking with a top on what you are into, what you can/can’t do, and what you are interested in and why.


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