Episode 188 – It’s whatever the fuck you want! Part 2

Ever wonder why some people just automatically grab your butt when they first meet you?  What’s cool and not cool when it comes to assuming what people are into?  Sparky and Daddy talk all about perceptions of kink, and how to check your ass-umptons at the door!

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  • Assumptions of kink!  Just cause I like A doesn’t mean I like B and C
  • Just because I am into being treated rough, doesn’t mean I want to be treated rough by you.
  • Similarly just because I am into something, doesn’t mean I am into it right now (flogging, piss play)
  • People who aere into chastity are much more gung-ho about chastity than those who are not into chastity (Bandwagon Fallacy)
  • Experience doesn’t trump facts.  It’s possible for a top to have been doing it wrong for a long time.
  • Because bad things happen to good people, doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun if you take precautions and educate yourself. Don’t be afraid of the boogie man
  • Don’t assume that because a person got off a certain way means they are going to every time. What you did to get them off may not be what they got off on.
  • Personal incredulity – Your own personal dislike or disgust to another’s kink isn’t really relevant on how the kink is a good choice for them or not. The only measure should be if  it is safe and doesn’t harm others.


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