Episode 192 – Right Brain, Left Ball

Creativity and stuff!  Sparky and Daddy Tony chat up our guests Brutus and K0mpy all about being creative, from getting started to finding continuing inspiration, learn about how these two creative pups come up with awesome home-solutions to common kinkster problems, and how they break down challenges!

Show Notes


Topic: Creativity

  • Different types of creativity – play is absolutely included!
  • Improvisation, adaptabality, and finding solutions
  • You are creative, learn to embrace it!
  • Copying isn’t always a bad thing

About our Guests
Brutus: @thatdrewlion
K0mpy: @k0mpy

About Kompy: Starting in the Minneapolis kink and party scenes, K0mpy Dog found his way into puppy through the furry community. He frequently returns to the mid-west to support events and spread the good word of pup.

In Seattle, K0mpy brings his experience as a promoter, programmer, and art major to the SEAPAH board of directors. In his free time, he is an amateur latex clothing designer and photographer.


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