Episode 68 – Prepping for PrEP

No matter if you are living with HIV or not, know someone who is living with, or if you are just getting started in kink, no matter where you are on the spectrum if you are listening to this show you are likely in the target group that needs to know the latest about HIV prevention and treatment.

And in the very latest is the usage of PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis) is now front and center of the public health community. There are so many questions regarding prep; including what it is, how to use it, how effective it is, should you take it, what does taking it say about me, should it say anything at all.

For this show we brought back our friend Karen Dykes, a local health professional that specializes in infectious disease and HIV, to share her knowledge about PrEP and so much more. She makes reference during the show to a great site where you can learn more, which is prepfacts.org

Even if you know you will never be at risk because you don’t ever do anything risky, there is some great information in this episode for you, for everyone. So excited to bring this to you.

Show Notes

In the News

Discussion Topics

  • What is PrEP and why would you use it?
  • Which people should consider PrEP?
  • Possible health and social side effects
  • Questions from our fabulous listeners


About Our Guest

Karen Dykes is a nurse practitioner that specializes in infectious diseases, STD’s, and HIV. She lives in Seattle.


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    @SeanSparky phthalate – the “ph” is silent. It’s just “THAL-ate”
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