Episode 70 – Puppy Stryker

We received a letter from a listener asking some questions about having a family and maintaining a kink life, as that is exactly where he is at the moment. For every episode of the show that is targeted to a specific topic we try to find someone that can speak to subject with some sort of authority. So when this listener ask, I turned it around and suggested that perhaps he would be the perfect guest to discuss the topic.

Puppy Stryker is a puppy to a female Handler with home he has a 6 month old son, and he on the journey of finding where to balance his family and his kink lives. This was a fun discussion and I think it is going to be interesting even if you never decide to have a family of your own, learning about others journey will always help us plot our own course.



Show Notes

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Discussion Topics

  • Rubber puppy
  • Having a kid
  • Having a female handler
  • Bi, poly, rubber, puppy, and the family life

About Our Guest

From Stryker:

I am Stryker and I currently live in one of the worst places to be a rubber fetishist: Arizona. Despite battling the heat in the hotter than hell state, I have been active in the kink community for about 3 years. My Owner and I have been together for 2 1/2 years now. We are parents of a 6-month old which makes kink life a slight challenge. I am the co-founder of a local Arizona pet group called Phoenix Pets. I can be found on Twitter as @PuppyStryker.


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