Episode 75 – Drubskin

Seeing Drubskin’s work around the net and in the playroom’s of our friends raised the idea that we should talk to him about his art. After all we haven’t had an artist on the show yet, and we couldn’t think of a better person to make a start.

If you go Drub’s website, which is at www.drubskin.com you will find a variety of different pieces he has created over the years, including some really fun items in the categories of rubber, skins, sports gear, gingers, and much more. You can get most of his pieces as prints directly from the website. 

We learn a lot more about him, and I hope you do to. And be sure to support his work if you can.

Note: In the show we talk about a pup who was brutally attacked in Minnesota after leaving a bar. The link to the story is the first item in the news section of this post. If you want to donate to help him with his medical expenses, you can go to HERE. There is also a call for pins for a vest representing the leather community that supports the pup, you can find more about it on Fetlife by going HERE (note, if you are not on Fetlift, email us and we will give you the details).

Show Notes

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Discussion Topics

  • Art
  • Drub’s history
  • Sharing art on the web

About Our Guest

Drub (August 14, 1973 – ) (born in Derby, Connecticut) is a fetish artist most known for his youthful, homoerotic illustrations and comic book work in the late twentieth century to present day. “Drub”, is a San Diego, California based, homoerotic, homomasculine fetish artist and has ties to skinhead and punk subcultures active in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century.

In less than two decades he has produced hundreds of illustrations, focusing on scenes involving subcultures, the working class, and kinky sexuality. His work is done in a comic book style, with bright colors and solid quality of line. He manages his style in a less exaggerated manner and focuses in on a more human element and breathes life into each piece, which is sexy and humorous at the same time.

You can find Drub on his web site, www.drubskin.com. He’s also on Twitter as @Drubskin.


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Neoprene Sumission Hood Cocksucker/Isolation

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