Episode 82 – Mikey Likes It Part 1

Mikey, also known as Bndgkid, is a part of the NoSafeWord crew. And that boy is a kinky fucker! He also got started very early in life.  In this episode, he regales us with the stories of his youth. When and how he started experimenting with bondage, meeting fun guys to play with, moving to San Francisco, and all of the fun things during those years.

He’s a great storyteller. We had so much fun that we couldn’t fit it all in. One episode, that is. You don’t want to miss this one. Stay tuned for part 2 in a few days.

Show Notes

In the News

Discussion Topics

  • How did you get started?
    • Always been a thing for me ever since I can remember.
    • Bingo movie – grandma masturbation drive
    • Getting in trouble in middle-school because of Yossie
    • Tying up in garage/bathroom
    • and meeting JockBound
    • First bondage experience and how lucky I was.
  • Getting into Kink – first forays:
    • Bad experience
    • Trying vanilla relationships
    • Fetish Ball / SF trips / Mr. S – actually met Daddy
    • Seafair / Duvall trip in the box
    • Oregon party making screwdrivers – LeatherDanny’s 30th birthday
  • Moving to SF
    • Gear stolen
    • Meeting Daddy!  Birthday and getting new sack.
    • Running for SF Leather Daddy’s Boy 27 and Folsom

About Our Guest

Bndgkid is a 30-year old kinky nerd, who can never seem to get enough bondage, which is one of the reasons he and Daddy Tony are such a great team! When it comes to bondage, even when there is a ridiculous amount of restraints, chains, and straps keeping Mikey from moving even an inch, he loves about 10 more added on top of that (at least)! Cum control is another one of Mikey’s favorite things. A gag will help keep him as quiet as possible, which is not very. CBT, tickle torture, ball stretching, and did we mention that his nipples are wired directly to his cock? Mikey moved from Seattle to San Francisco in 2008, where he met Daddy Tony and was very active in the SF Leather Community, including a leather title of SF Leather Daddy’s boy XXVII, as well as hanging out with the awesome folks over at Serious Male Bondage. After moving to Seattle with Daddy Tony in 2011, they met Sparky and the rest of the pack, and the rest is history!


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