Episode 84 – Mayor of Folsom Street

Daddy Alan Selby was a fixture in the leather community in San Francisco for many years. During the worst days of the AIDS crisis, he supported and became a comfort to many in the gay community. He was a mentor to many men.

Daddy Alan was the founder of the iconic Mr. S, the original San Francisco Leather Daddy, an incorrigible flirt and tireless fundraiser, and the unofficial “Mayor of Folsom Street.”

Dr. Jordy Tackett-Jones is the curator and author of “The Mayor of Folsom Street: The Life and Times of Alan Selby, aka Mr. S.” He recounts the history and many stories of Daddy Alan. Daddy Tony also talks about his life with Daddy Alan, who was Tony’s daddy.

There will be an exhibit about the Mayor of Folsom Street at the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco. It opens June 6, 2014, through the end of the Up Your Alley Fair (Dore Alley) at the end of July. More information can be found at the website for the Center, The Gay Highwaymen, and on Facebook. The book will be released next year.

Show Notes

In the News

The passing of a local puppy. Godspeed Fraididog.

Discussion Topics

  • Who was Daddy Alan?
    • Founder of Mr. S in San Francisco
    • Volunteering during the early years of the epidemic
    • SF Leather Daddy contest
  • Exhibit and book
  • Daddy Tony’s personal history with Daddy Alan

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