Episode 91 – What Does the Pup Say?

So there’s this hottie. He lives in Seattle now with his pup. He kisses really well, and it’s really hot to make out with him. We invited him and his pup to do the show with us tonight! It turns out he’s good with his mouth … on a mic, too.

Kognition and his pup kiba were here. Kognition told us all about himself, kiba, and their relationship. kiba spent the whole time restrained in a rubber sleepsack, tied to the bondage table, while two other puppies sucked his cock, nibbled on his balls, and used the Venus on him. He was a little preoccupied. And distracting for the crew.

Enjoy the show! We had a lot of fun recording this one. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a hot man I need to make out with.

Show Notes

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Discussion Topics

  • History of Kognition
    • Coming out: gay
    • Coming out: kinky
  • How Kognition and kiba met
  • kiba’s life as a dog
  • The nature of their Sir & Pup relationship

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About Our Guest

One day three years ago, Kognition was driving around Laguna Beach and heard a new howling coming from the hills.  When he located the source of the noise, he saw a shiny black latex dog wagging his tail! Ever since, they have gone on many adventures together, from the arid deserts of California, to the chilly winters of the east coast. Now they are on their largest adventure yet – relocating themselves to the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest.

You can find them on Recon under their screen names kognition and dogkiba.


Mr. S Leather Co.

This episode sponsored by: Mr. S Leather. For this episode we feature the Silicone Guard Gag by Oxballs.


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