Audience Responses to Episode 41 Questions

Like we did for Episode 40, for this show we put out some questions to our audience, both via twitter and the crew watching in the studio, some questions about kink in general. We read some of the answers on the air, but we had a few more that we wanted to make sure got shared here. So here we go!


What does the word “kink” mean to you?

  • It’s a word to explain an affinity for an object or action
  • Something unusual or not generally mainstream
  • Would a ↑ in popularity of BDSM following books like 50SoG mean its no longer kink
  • A deviation from the conventional; standing out from the norm with pride
  • An unexpected twist, going in a different direction (like with a hose). I just made that up, but it makes sense to me
  • Outside the realm of vanilla sex
  • That which I do not discuss with my mother
  • Use of a fetish to achieve sexual or personal happiness
  • “Alternative” – Not mainstream but still part of a community
  • Of or related to alternative sexual tendencies and practices
  • A way to express yourself
  • A sexual preference or particular interest that is not a social norm or “vanilla” practice and can be characterized accordingly
  • Proud to live outside the norm
  • It means any kind of sex outside normalcy or involving objects or clothing
  • Things that are enjoyable and not common in mainstream society
  • Knowing what gets you off, not being ashamed to go out and get it, making no apologies along the way
  • Having an interest in a more sexual manner
  • Sex against the grain


What was it that you found to be kinky at one time that has become less so as you have developed into kink?

  • Butt sex
  • Simple rope bondage
  • Handcuffs – Now are not but a placeholder
  • Everything is more familiar and little remains taboo
  • Pup play. Dan/son. Master/slave.
  • Nothing
  • Furry
  • Rough sex, I guess
  • Speaking for myself, 99.9% of what I do is ‘kinky’ – but I have stopped thinking of it like that – now it’s just Tuesday
  • Biting. I used to thing that it was so hot and kinky when I was younger, but now it is just expected with play partners
  • Rimming or fursuit sex… Both seem pretty tame now in retrospect compared to some other things I’ve done
  • Is vore even considered kinky despite the sheer impossibility?
  • Spanking/light hitting. Seems to be part and parcel now
  • If “kinky” = “out of the ordinary/weird”, then umm…lots? shower WS, spit, spanking, pinning/wrestling…
  • Spanking
  • Satin soccer shorts
  • In order of discovery: Domination/submission, watersports, chastity, CBT, pup play, bondage
  • Hooded and Bound outdoors At night Alone
  • Piss! By far
  • Chasity and ice cold showers


Is there a kink that you have that would be very embarrassing if you ‘vanilla’ friends were to find out?

  • “a” kink??? Dang… I got way more than one!
  • Not at all. It’s part of my identity. It’s an all or nothing acceptance with me.
  • This under the assumption I have vanilla friends? lol
  • well, according to the scale I’m a “opportunistic necrophiliac”. I’d just kill my friends if they found out tho :3 *huuugs*
  • Um… pretty much all of them? I’m guessing my flagging yellow would top the list though
  • Yes. ‘Nuff said.
  • Not really as I don’t recall having any vanilla friends left, they’re all kinksters or furries
  • Not really, they might freak out yes, but that just encourages me to go into graphic detail on the matter
  • No, but a neighbor in town revealed he is an AB daddy and now gets teased for it mercilessly
  • yup! Deep down, but I never do would be Sissy play because it’s the only thing to “truly” get me into a humiliation scene
  • My love for being padded would totally confuse my vanilla friends
  • They barely blink an eye at the flogging, but the w/s would probably raise eyebrows. (^_^)
  • Hmm… all of them? Would depend on the ‘vanilla’ level of that friend :)
  • Diaper lover, Furry
  • Yes, ABDL play
  • Pup play
  • No, I’ve lost my shame- gene somewhere!
  • Water sports
  • Nope, if they find out, I’ll just tell them more about it!
  • Yes. ABDL


As kinksters we know that our kinks enrich our lives. What kink do you think your vanilla friends should pick up to make their lives better?

  • BDSM!
  • Bondage with a side of D/s
  • M/s or at least bondage……lots of trust gets built up in good scenes involving these
  • Learn to embrace (and riff on) the D/s dynamic. How to relinquish control, and how to wield control properly
  • puppy play!
  • kink helped me gain self-confidence
  • Negotiation. Informed consent
  • Exercise
  • Specifically, I would say rubber, bondage, open relationships. More generally speaking, my vanilla friends should always expand beyond the plain/vanilla and try something they aren’t familiar with
  • Bondage – as a way to encourage folks to communicate with each other more and to be more honest with themselves and each other
  • Kinksters talk about sex, what they want and do not want. Vanilla folk could use that
  • Dominance and submission… they are natural instincts
  • Dom/sub play. As play, it’s consensual, you can change roles, and (generally) no one gets hurt
  • BDSM, fuzzy handcuffs
  • Bondage and S&M
  • Jesus!
  • Anything with a close knit community. It’s a sense of belonging with your dirtiest secret in common and out in the open




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