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Episode 49 – Drewlion

A friend of the show was coming to town for some interviews as he is interested in moving to the Pacific Northwest, so we decided to spend some time getting to know him.

Drewlion is coming at his kinks from a variety of places; furry, boy, puppy, switch. It is always fascinating to hear how each person learns and grows in how they approach their sexuality. And that is exactly why we like to talk to people like Drew. He has a boyfriend, and a Sir and an Alpha, and we talk about how he approaches this relationship. We also spend some time talking about his family situation.

Hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as we did!

Show Notes

 In the News

About Our Guest

DrewLion is a kinky boy who grew up in seeming isolation in Arkansas. Soon he hopes to move to Seattle. Despite the lack of many kinsters locally, he’s managed to find a boyfriend, and a Sir, and an Alpha to keep him company and watch over him. Find him on Twitter and Recon.


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Shorts 02 – Bazaar on Quince

We sit down to talk with Phil from Philadelphia (you will remember him from Episode 33)

This time, we have him on to talk about Bazaar on Quince and the Gear Up, Get Out dance party. You can find out more about this event by going to their Facebook page where you can find out all about the fun that is happening this weekend.

Gear Up, Get Out will be on Saturday, October 12 from 9pm to 2pm, and will feature guest DJ Dave Huge. This will be held at the local leather bar, The Bike Stop.

And the Bazaar on Quince will be on Sunday, October 13, from noon to 6pm in the heart of the Philadelphia Gayborhood.

And be sure to check out the sponsors of the event:

We also talk about the video from PhillyGayCalendar.com where their spokesperson does a little shopping!


Show Notes

About Our Guest

Phil is a thick rugby player, beer drinker, and leather guy from Philadelphia.  He loves to roughhouse and leads an active social life on the East coast. Phil is also currently the event coordinator for Bazaar on Quince which is Philadelphia’s first leather and fetish block party, every October. Find him on Facebook and Recon.

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Amp’in it up!

*sniff sniff… *

So you’re probably wondering to yourself, “self, who is this crazed, masked freak sniffing me?!”

Well after any good sniffing from a pup comes a proper introduction of who that puppy is. Who, huh? Who is but the form following the function of what, and what I am is a human in a puppy mask.  However, “who” I am is far more important to the substance of this blog than what.  So let me simply say that it’s my “Amp-le” opportunity to auspiciously announce that it’s a pleasure to meet you and that you may call me Amp. I am a human puppy, and I am writing this blog to discuss and explore the world of puppy play.

Like many people in life, I have an interest within a certain community and I want to share ideas, ideals, and answer questions to further the progress of an already growing kink called puppy play.  Human dog training, or puppy, is a playful, loving type of roleplay where one person assumes the role of a pup (playful affectionate sub) while another person, the Handler (caretaker and owner of the pup).   Puppies come in all shapes and sizes, genders and backgrounds — and even breeds; they just happen to see doctors who treat them instead of vets. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet . . . no spoilers!

The Road to Puppy Play…

Let me tell you about my own pedigree. I didn’t always dream of romping around on all fours and barking at squirrels. I too had my own introduction into what constitutes a human puppy.  Ironically enough, I’ve always grown up fascinated by dogs. Growing up as a gay boy in a Catholic grade school, I was somewhat of a stray myself, and I loved how loyal dogs were; how affectionate and unconditional they were in their love (even after you chopped their balls off).

Fast forwarding to 2011, I witnessed the wagging buttplugs and playful masks of puppies for the first time at a local bar.  I was taken aback at first, watching their tails furiously bouncing as the boys romped around nearly naked. But I also noticed one thing inside those floppy hoods: their eyes gleamed, and the way they sparkled with such a playful nature gave off an almost raw representation of their emotions. I was curious. It wasn’t until a camping trip with some gay friends later that year that I first witnessed a puppy and handler outside of gear. The connection they shared was deeper, more meaningful and so fucking adorable compared to any vanilla relationship I had ever seen. I was hooked; I wanted to be a puppy.  So naturally, I did what any boy does to distinguish a human from a dog; I decided to buy a rubber tail and stick it up my ass! Clearly, I was still new to this…

Puppy wants a bone

Amp at The Best in Show Show.

What is Puppy Play to me…

So what have I learned since then, and what is a puppy, anyway? Well, since those first interactions, I have grown as a kinky person and as a pup. I learned quickly after much lube and discomfort, that a tail is not what makes the pup.  No, a pup is distinguished by his actions and instincts: loving and loyal, inquisitive and playful, and, from time to time, full of mischief. So what is and isn’t puppy play? Puppy play is not about bestiality.  Similarly, puppies are not about humiliation, at least not initially. At the core, puppies are about that unconditional love, that spark of playfulness in a pup’s eye when he sees a squeaky toy, and that connection I had witnessed so long ago while camping.  Being a puppy —  to me — is about an opportunity to step outside my identity in the world of responsible adults who have bills to pay and jobs to do.   Amp provides a much-needed outlet to unwind, to be my puppy self and be as playful and sexual as I want with my handler.

Getting Involved…

I’m blessed that Seattle has such a wonderful kink community and active pup group, Sea-Pah (Seattle Pups and Handlers), both communities of which have always given me a safe place I felt accepted and appreciated.  Since becoming a pup, I’ve competed in a number of events like The Best In Show Show (held by SEA-PAH) and the Northwest Puppy (held by Cascadia Leather Rising) both events of which I won runner-up awards and enjoyed a tail-wagging good time. I’ve been to a number of major leather and rubber events, including IML and Rubbout. Similarly, I’m also involved as the current “Barketing Manager” who handles all graphics and marketing on the Sea-Pah Board of Directors, where I assist in fundraising events.   I’ve networked with pups around the world and started to produce and distribute pup fetish gear providing pups with a way to show pride wherever they go.

So let me just end by saying that I cannot wait to dive in, doggy-paddle furiously, maybe even splash a cat or two as I start this blog. I look forward to discussing the full range of pup topics, answering questions, and, with any luck, shedding new light on the diversity of viewpoints in the ever-expanding universe of puppy play.  More than even that, though, I want to give back to a community that has given me so much!

Like, share, comment and question, and I’ll catch you kinksters later! Dont forget to follow me on Twitter and Facebook
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Shorts 01 – How to Kill a Superhero

We at NoSafeWord will be doing short episodes from time to time with special guests and topics. For our first episode we wanted to talk with Pablo Greene, the author of the new book, How to Kill a Superhero: A Gay Bondage Manual.

We spend some time talking about the book, what it took to write it, and what will be coming up next. We learn about the inspiration for his main character, Roland, and a bit about Pablo’s own kinks around superheros and bondage himself.

The book is out now and available for order, so be sure to check it out!

You can also visit the official website for the book, which is at: http://howtokillasuperhero.net/

You can also read the first chapter of the book by checking out the write up about the book on Metalbond’s website.


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More puppy material? OK! Here comes Pup Amp!

Time to announce a new addition to the team! Our very own Pup Amp will be joining the NoSafeWord crew as a blog contributor, writing up blog posts from the point of view of a puppy in this big bad world!

Look for more info on those blog posts coming soon!

To find out more about Pup Amp you can follow him on twitter (https://twitter.com/Pup_Amp) or on FaceBook (http://facebook.com/pup.amp.3).

Stay tuned, much more to come!



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Episode 48 – Rainfurrest

Recently here in Seattle, there was a fairly big convention for furries, which is called Rainfurrest. We sometimes think that the kink community in general doesn’t really appreciate the scope of some of these furcons that happen all over the place! They are very well attended and there is a lot going on.

We decided to talk to our friend Nightcat about what a furcon is like and what goes on at this particular event as well as some of those in general.

There may be some great lessons for all of us regarding how to put on a big event so spending some time talking about what they are doing to put them on can be helpful to us all.

We mentioned several different furcons and events, which are linked below:


Show Notes

 In the News

About Our Guest


Nightcat has been in the furry fandom and in BDSM for over 15 years now. He enjoys kink and everything to do with it. He has lived in Seattle for over a decade and loves his family of Furs and Kinksters! Find him on Twitter, Recon, and Fetlife.

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Episode 47 – It’s A Real Pisser!

We were asked by the Seattle Men in Leather to help do a presentation about Piss Play as a part of their Tribal Instincts educational series. We packed up the studio and headed on down to the Center for Sex Positive Culture to record this show before a live audience.

We had a great audience of about 35 or so who were there ready to get wet. For this show we decided to have a couple of demos. The first with Sleepy and eXploited where one drank the others piss while pissing on himself. The other was with Stormwind who was tied up and dropped into the kiddy pool before the audience was invited to come up to piss on him all at once, which ended up being about 15 or so guys.

If you are interested in some of the items we discussed on the show, here are some links to those products:


And, if you are in the Seattle area be sure to check out the products we talked about by going to Dog House Leathers!

We also made mention to the Drysuit scene Sparky had a IML one year, which you can check out at: http://nosafeword.com/posts/iml-drysuit-bondage-and-ws/

It was a great time, hope you enjoy!


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Episode 46 – Figaro!

We had the pleasure to have on our show our friend Pup Figaro, the recent winner of the newly created Northwest Puppy Contest. He was joined by his handler, Wruff Pack Handler, and their Squeak Toy!

We had a discussion all about his journey to becoming a pup and a kinkster, and his experience with the contest. We also talk about their very interesting family dynamic and the number of pups in their pack. How they keep it all in their head, I’ll never know!

It was a good time and a wild night that we are happy to have you be a part of! Enjoy!


Show Notes

 In the News

About Our Guest

Pup Figaro is a musician and pup extraordinaire from Vancouver, B.C. Canada. He is very active in VAH-PAH and other Northwest puppy groups. He lives with his handler Wruff Pack Handler, and with their Squeak Toy. Find him on Facebook and Twitter.


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Episode 45 – A Shot in the Dart

This week we have the honor of being joined by none other than Sir Dart of Dart’s Domain. From the beginning of this podcast we had hoped to get certain people on the show because we love and respect their work, and Dart was at the top of that list!

We talk about numerous things, including his early days of doing shoots with Bound and Gagged Magazine and Captured Guys. We explore the journey he went on to be come a leather man himself, as well as discuss some of the current and past viewpoints about what being a leather man means.

We talk about his own podcast and what he hopes to do with it in the future. And we talk all about the relationship between him and his really hot husband!

And finally, for those of you that haven’t hear the story about him and Captain Janeway, now is your chance!

We had a great time with him, and can’t wait for him to come back!


Show Notes

 In the News

About Our Guest

Dart has loved bondage and kink for many years. He started out as a sub and now nothing turns his crank more than being a muscled up sub roped at his mercy. He embraces the idea of being a part of the “New Guard” of leather and using kink to feel GOOD and have FUN! He stays active playing/judging/teaching/performing at leather and BDSM events around the country. He lives near Atlanta with his partner Bart. Find him at his blog Dart’s Domain.


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Episode 44 – American Savage, Part 2

This is the second part to our fun interview with Dan Savage. Make sure to listen to Part 1 if you haven’t yet! In this episode we take some listener questions for Dan on all manner of topics.

It was a great time, and we want to thank Dan for coming on the show!


Show Notes

About Our Guest

Dan Savage is a sex advice columnist, activist, author, and podcaster from Seattle. Listen to his podcast The Savage Lovecast and read his writing on The Stranger at The Savage Love and SLOG.


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Episode 43 – American Savage, Part 1

When we asked Dan Savage  to join us on the show, we were floored when he said yes! He joined us for our regular Friday night recording to do a 2 hour show. We talked to him about how he first got started with his column as well as his new book! (Find Dan’s Book, American Savage, on Amazon)

His book talks about Faith, Sex, Love and Politics, so we came up questions about each one of those topics to pose to Dan. And in Part 2 we will have some questions from listeners who wanted to ask Dan some advice questions. We also get a chance to talk to him about the It Gets Better Project.

We also mention on the show Tynan Fox’s current effort to open an inclusive coffee shop using a kickstarter, you can find out more about it at: http://www.tynanfox.com/2013/08/-latte.html.


Show Notes

 In the News

About Our Guest

Dan Savage is a sex advice columnist, activist, author, and podcaster from Seattle. Listen to his podcast The Savage Lovecast and read his writing on The Stranger at The Savage Love and SLOG.

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Episode 42 – The Leatherati

Today, we have the cofounders of the kinky blog and news portal, Leatherati. We spend some time talking with them about many of aspects of their lives, including  their long term relationship with each other and the new boys/dogs in their lives. We also talk about their working on Leatherati and why they started it, and some of the controversies and challenges they have had running a leather news site. Last but not least, we discuss their work with putting on the West Coast Rubber Contest.

All in all, it was a very fun show, and we were glad we finally got to have them on the mic!


Show Notes

 In the News

About Our Guests

Loran and Alex have been well known members of the leather and rubber communities for many years, and partners to each other for many more. In recent years they have been most well known for their website, Leatherati. They and their army of kinky writers are out there gathering up the news of the leather world and sharing it with thousands of kinky fuckers the world over. If you don’t follow Leatherati, you should!


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Audience Responses to Episode 41 Questions

Like we did for Episode 40, for this show we put out some questions to our audience, both via twitter and the crew watching in the studio, some questions about kink in general. We read some of the answers on the air, but we had a few more that we wanted to make sure got shared here. So here we go!


What does the word “kink” mean to you?

  • It’s a word to explain an affinity for an object or action
  • Something unusual or not generally mainstream
  • Would a ↑ in popularity of BDSM following books like 50SoG mean its no longer kink
  • A deviation from the conventional; standing out from the norm with pride
  • An unexpected twist, going in a different direction (like with a hose). I just made that up, but it makes sense to me
  • Outside the realm of vanilla sex
  • That which I do not discuss with my mother
  • Use of a fetish to achieve sexual or personal happiness
  • “Alternative” – Not mainstream but still part of a community
  • Of or related to alternative sexual tendencies and practices
  • A way to express yourself
  • A sexual preference or particular interest that is not a social norm or “vanilla” practice and can be characterized accordingly
  • Proud to live outside the norm
  • It means any kind of sex outside normalcy or involving objects or clothing
  • Things that are enjoyable and not common in mainstream society
  • Knowing what gets you off, not being ashamed to go out and get it, making no apologies along the way
  • Having an interest in a more sexual manner
  • Sex against the grain


What was it that you found to be kinky at one time that has become less so as you have developed into kink?

  • Butt sex
  • Simple rope bondage
  • Handcuffs – Now are not but a placeholder
  • Everything is more familiar and little remains taboo
  • Pup play. Dan/son. Master/slave.
  • Nothing
  • Furry
  • Rough sex, I guess
  • Speaking for myself, 99.9% of what I do is ‘kinky’ – but I have stopped thinking of it like that – now it’s just Tuesday
  • Biting. I used to thing that it was so hot and kinky when I was younger, but now it is just expected with play partners
  • Rimming or fursuit sex… Both seem pretty tame now in retrospect compared to some other things I’ve done
  • Is vore even considered kinky despite the sheer impossibility?
  • Spanking/light hitting. Seems to be part and parcel now
  • If “kinky” = “out of the ordinary/weird”, then umm…lots? shower WS, spit, spanking, pinning/wrestling…
  • Spanking
  • Satin soccer shorts
  • In order of discovery: Domination/submission, watersports, chastity, CBT, pup play, bondage
  • Hooded and Bound outdoors At night Alone
  • Piss! By far
  • Chasity and ice cold showers


Is there a kink that you have that would be very embarrassing if you ‘vanilla’ friends were to find out?

  • “a” kink??? Dang… I got way more than one!
  • Not at all. It’s part of my identity. It’s an all or nothing acceptance with me.
  • This under the assumption I have vanilla friends? lol
  • well, according to the scale I’m a “opportunistic necrophiliac”. I’d just kill my friends if they found out tho :3 *huuugs*
  • Um… pretty much all of them? I’m guessing my flagging yellow would top the list though
  • Yes. ‘Nuff said.
  • Not really as I don’t recall having any vanilla friends left, they’re all kinksters or furries
  • Not really, they might freak out yes, but that just encourages me to go into graphic detail on the matter
  • No, but a neighbor in town revealed he is an AB daddy and now gets teased for it mercilessly
  • yup! Deep down, but I never do would be Sissy play because it’s the only thing to “truly” get me into a humiliation scene
  • My love for being padded would totally confuse my vanilla friends
  • They barely blink an eye at the flogging, but the w/s would probably raise eyebrows. (^_^)
  • Hmm… all of them? Would depend on the ‘vanilla’ level of that friend :)
  • Diaper lover, Furry
  • Yes, ABDL play
  • Pup play
  • No, I’ve lost my shame- gene somewhere!
  • Water sports
  • Nope, if they find out, I’ll just tell them more about it!
  • Yes. ABDL


As kinksters we know that our kinks enrich our lives. What kink do you think your vanilla friends should pick up to make their lives better?

  • BDSM!
  • Bondage with a side of D/s
  • M/s or at least bondage……lots of trust gets built up in good scenes involving these
  • Learn to embrace (and riff on) the D/s dynamic. How to relinquish control, and how to wield control properly
  • puppy play!
  • kink helped me gain self-confidence
  • Negotiation. Informed consent
  • Exercise
  • Specifically, I would say rubber, bondage, open relationships. More generally speaking, my vanilla friends should always expand beyond the plain/vanilla and try something they aren’t familiar with
  • Bondage – as a way to encourage folks to communicate with each other more and to be more honest with themselves and each other
  • Kinksters talk about sex, what they want and do not want. Vanilla folk could use that
  • Dominance and submission… they are natural instincts
  • Dom/sub play. As play, it’s consensual, you can change roles, and (generally) no one gets hurt
  • BDSM, fuzzy handcuffs
  • Bondage and S&M
  • Jesus!
  • Anything with a close knit community. It’s a sense of belonging with your dirtiest secret in common and out in the open




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Audience Responses to Episode 40 Questions

During Episode 40 with Neil we put out some questions to our listeners, both via our twitter feed and to the group of guys we had over for the show’s recording. There were a lot of interesting answers to the questions, and since we were not able to get to them all we thought we would share them here with you!


Do you have a fantasy involving hypno? Tell us what it is!

  • Yes to be completely turned into a submissive puppy !
  • The text book one. Going to a hypno session with a hot guy and ‘waking up’ all tied up and playing bondage games
  • To be more comfortable while in bondage
  • Forcibly hypnotized to follow directions and act like a mindless puppy
  • I have a fantasy about being hypnotized, abducted and taken to a place where I m used to feed a tribe of men who worship me for my cock
  • Making a guy (or me) really horny (or helping enhance the libido) – off the charts horny – then making it difficult or impossible to achieve orgasm
  • Yes to be hypnotized into believing I’m being sung to by Uncle Jesse era John Stamos. He is singing “Do You Think I’m Sexy)

If you had the ability to effectively hypnotize someone else, what would you be excited to hypno them to do?

  • massaging my feet
  • I’d make everyone into puppies!!!!! :D
  • Can I hypnotize them to hypnotize me? *blinks* :P
  • I can and have to a couple people in college. I’m really not comfortable with that level of control over others though
  • hmm. I’d be evil and give them an involuntary reaction like having to lick boots when they see them
  • have them listen to your show! ;) and maybe some other things too. -wags-
  • I would be excited to hypno them into their ideal fantasy
  • I would have them recognize me as Master, I guess. Never really thought about it. P.S., I’d make DFT dance like a monkey! :)
  • Laugh at inappropriate moments
  • Control sex drive by making him horny, or not, regardless of what he wants. Control in this way is very hot
  • I would want them obsessed with my DNA. Wanting to stalk me at the gym, flirt with me at bars, and happy to lick up anything I leave on the floor, because it is my essence
  • Humiliate them, have them pleasure themselves and make them feel like they’re getting fucked
  • Lay there while I fuck myself on them, and/or  clean my house naked
  • Bondage without ropes

If you could ask anything you have wanted to know about hypno, what would it be?

  • How do I know you won’t hypno me into getting naked every time someone says dog! (Or insert other crazy thing here)
  • How do you know what files work and what are safe or how to find safe people interested in it.
  • I asked @Erotic_Hypno a long winded question last week but I’d ask “Could you make time for me this weekend?” were I around
  • How about more case studies (good and bad). What were the big successes & worst oopses? Respecting privacy of course.
  • Well what mindset should a sub be in to try hypno and what can they do to allow themselves to go under more easily?
  • I guess how effective are verbal triggers? Looking to implant one in me to turn into an obedient pup.
  • Can you fly to pupstriker and do dirty hypno-ish things to him…..*evil Wags*
  • Is it brain washing? How far can it make someone go?
  • I’ve often heard hypnotists tell people they will wake up very rested the next morning. Why does this happen? And is that always the case?
  • Does it work on everyone?
  • Are some more susceptible than others?
  • Can anyone do it? Both as a hypnotist and a subject? Can it control physical aspects of the body?
  • What is the best possible outcome to a first session?
  • What are the different ways to put someone under?
  • Whats the most common form of hypnosis you are asked to perform?
  • How long can you be under?
  • Can it work on someone who doesn’t necessarily believe it will work?
  • Why does it work on some people and not on others?


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