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As we start a new year, it feels as though new puppies are coming out of the woodwork everywhere – new organizations being formed and competitions being announced.  And with that, comes a new population of puppies, some experienced, some completely new to the community that lies before them.  To the newcomers, I say welcome to the crazy, opinionated, sometimes unruly and dramatic world that is puppy play; and to the more veteran pups, I ask that you don’t scare the fuck out of the new puppies (how else are we going to resupply if you scare away the fresh meat?).  But in all seriousness, as we head into this new year of fun and play, I look back onto a year full of so many exciting events full of new people, puppies, leathermen and otherwise.  I also, in this being a still new space to which I blog and share opinions, look back onto questions and comments I’ve accumulated over the past couple months. So for today, rather than covering a specific topic, I’m going to comment on your comments, looking back at what was 2013, and answer any lingering questions, comments or opinions that were otherwise still needing to be addressed.

Puppy Comment: “My biggest question about getting into puppy play is how to get started.”

Response: Well let’s start by addressing a very general question that we all have had at one point or another if we’ve been interested in puppy play: “How do I start?” Well the simple answer to that is to be a puppy, be educated and be curious.  Do your research, find a local PAH (Puppies and Handler) group of some kind that you can join.  If no pup group exists in your area, I highly recommend checking out the many puppy groups that exist on Facebook for the very nature of finding other puppies and communicating.  If even that is too daunting a task, to start playing like a pup, visualize what puppies do and how they act, reflect and see yourself as a puppy, focusing on that inner persona and playfulness you wish to capture and see what happens.

Puppy Comment: “Do all puppies have handlers, and if so how does one find a handler?”

Response: Regarding whether all puppies have handlers, the simple answer is no. It all depends on what a puppy wants in his/her puppy relationship, however that looks to them.   Some puppies are looking for a handler/master/trainer while others feel they do not need or even want one.  So to answer that part of the question, no, not all puppies have or need a handler; puppies can be just that: puppies.  As for the how to find a handler, I refer you to a previous blog post that covers that very topic in detail: .

Puppy comment:  “I am super interested in puppy play, but I’ve been discouraged by my Sirs/Mentors about going down this route, as they think getting into puppy play would lessen my ability to be a boy and may restrict myself.”

Response: Preposterous! While being a puppy may get you into a few “restricting” positions *wink*, to assume that being a puppy makes you less of a boy/slave/person in any way shape or form would be making an assumption.  Unless of course they are not only leather masters, but also masters of telepathy and therefore know what you’re thinking.  The fact that you’ve come to this blog would assume that you are at least the a bit interested in puppy play.  In response to any Sirs or Mentors that you may play with, I might tell them that puppy play helps people of all shapes/sizes/genders/backgrounds to open up, and join a community that accepts and empowers them to be more than they thought they could before, not less. The puppy community at times is more accepting than any other group I’ve ever had the opportunity to be a part of. Boys can be puppies, puppies can be boys, Sirs can even be puppies if they want; being a puppy does not detract from a boy headspace, simply adds another facet to who YOU are.

Rather than look at what puppy play seems to be, explain what it is or what you would like it to be to you to your Sir/Mentor. Explain that its about fun, growth, and being yourself in a very primal, very bare bones, innocent sort of way.  I would, in this situation, ask what reservation that your Sir or Mentor has against puppy play, what causes the stigma he has and most importantly, tell him how interested you are in it.  A relationship of any kind where a submissive answers to dominant of some kind is always revolving around and about communication.

Puppy Comment: “How do I begin training as a pup and learning the headspace specifically?

Response: While similar to question one, I find the additional question about headspace the real meat of this question (Mmmmmm meat).  Before we discuss specifically how one can (results may vary) “get into” headspace, lets quickly define “headspace”. Headspace, oddly enough, is best described by urban dictionary as: “The state of mind/consciousness you are in. It may or may not be an altered frame of mind.”

For some, getting into headspace requires a bit of visualization or meditating, and I will direct you to Sirius pups FCT (first collar training) as I believe they do a wonderful job of explaining it in a nice video: .  For others, headspace is about getting into their pup gear: hoods, paws, tail and so forth; like an actor putting on a costume, the puppy needs their alter ego’s wear in order to bring them to fruition.  Finally, the last idea I will leave you with is to find someone who is your superior in this area, someone knowledgeable in puppy play, and feel them out, play and just experience the activity while feeling out what you like and maybe dislike about puppy play.  What gets some into headspace, may in fact, bring you out of it, and so trial and error may be your best way to get into a headspace; besides, as your parents always said, you’ll never know if you like it until you try it.

And with that, I’m in the proper headspace to head to bed and call it a night.  If you like this sort of Q and A sort of blocking, where I give you an honest opinion as someone who always has a pup’s best interests at heart, please like, fav, comment and share.  A community is nothing without the people, puppies and hanlders that make it, so lets look forward to 2014 and continue being the inquisitive, insightful and kinky individuals we all look to be!

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