Conversing with Demons

So today I work up and decided to check in the internets for the latest, when I find a new friend request on my Facebook profile. It was from someone I had never met before, a guy named Brian Kusiak. First I noticed the sub-head said “boy Bryan”, but looking through his past posts I found nothing but religious fravings well above the normal of the people who claim to follow the teachings of Jesus.

It would seem this poor boy found a picture a few months back with what he thinks is a demon positioned between two bears, which he makes reference to numerous times as the reasoning for him deciding to not be gay. Like an ex-smoker who becomes the biggest smoking nazi, this guy raves against homos in a condescending way that seems to be the most common gift God bestows on his followers.

I couldn’t help myself and decided to respond to his “friend request” to see where it would go.


Sparky: Can I ask why it is that you sent a friend request to me?

Brian Kusiak: Just wanted to SIR, you don’t have to accepted [sic] it, just wanted to send a friend request to you SIR. YES SIR.

Sparky: Something tells me that your use of the word “Sir” is disingenuous at best.

Brian Kusiak: Just being honest with you SIR, i used the word SIR out of respect.

Sparky: That seems at odds with your recent posts.

Brian Kusiak: Love showing others respect. My recent post is ALL about the TRUTH.

Sparky: As you see it

Brian Kusiak: I do not hold back or hide. I am out there in front of people just sharing the truth, if they do not want to hear it, that is their own lost [sic] and not mind [sic]. Everyone is entitled to their showing and telling the truth. I tell them the truth in a very very bold way. Yes it can be rush at times, but have to or otherwise nobody will ever listen.

Sparky: And the benefit of people listening is?

Brian Kusiak: At lest they heard the truth and that it all it matters. The benefit is at least they heard the truth and I just planted a nice seed in them and they seed with bloom into a nice flower. Is one of these seeds the accusation of being infected with demons and living a life as one chooses to be evil. It is a nice seed to warn the leather community

Sparky: I find you to be disingenuous, to yourself and how you represent yourself. Calling me “Sir” the way you do; it is mocking, and a tool for being able to receive self gratification from what you believe to be the lords work, with little understanding of the origins of the teachings you are professing. You should read Proverbs 6:16-19. I choose to live my life truthfully and be who I am. Nothing about my life is prescribed within that passage, can you really say the same, if you look deeply within your heart.

Brian Kusiak: It just the truth. But God said you can’t make aggrements with him. Which is why its wrong. Because you are trying to make a deal with him saying well if I do this and do that for you can I still live the gay life style, but those are deals and works. 

Sparky: The most spiritual, moral, caring, loving, giving and supportive people I know are in the leather and kinky life.

Brian Kusiak: God wants us to fully repent from that and trust his word which I used to had a hard time with it. Thinking you both can still have sex with the same sex and Glorfied him. But you can’t serve two masters what so ever and you must choose. YOu want it both ways but sorry that can’t happen with the Lord. Either service him fully or not. Its in his word. YOu may think that they are all nice and caring and I used to see that too, but when they are back bitters and hater of GOd, going around and gossip behind peoples back, that is wrong and all itsself. 

Sparky: I have been to church all my life, and never felt that love and acceptance. I think that is what gets under the skin of religious people. We are living the ideals of what Jesus professed far better than you can hope to understand

Brian Kusiak: I used to do the same things like that all the time, but when I saw a Homosexual demon spirit during sexual intercourse, that is where I had to run away from that life style

Sparky: Sounded like you had a bad bottle of poppers

Brian Kusiak: Yes you are right, but you can’t make a deal with God. I used to do poppers too. Evil can be in poppers as well. We live in a spirit relam [sic].

Sparky: I am sure. Evil can be found in anything that others do you don’t agree with.

Brian Kusiak: This is what I saw between to bears which happens to be gay.

Sparky: I see a camera lens that needs to be cleaned

Brian Kusiak: Now that is a very demonic spirit right there. And then there are the excuses comes from those that do not want to see or hear the truth. One of the leather guys saw this and came to Christ. Interesting how the Holy SPirit show him the truth and so sad that you would wish to use your own perceptions to disparage the love between someone else. The Jesus I know wouldn’t be proud of that. But I do not judge others, I just care for them very much so

Sparky: Bullshit.

Brian Kusiak: Jesus loves sinners very much so. But he hates when we sin against him. ANd that includes having sex with the same sex which is forincation [sic].

Sparky: Fornication is awesome. I did it with three different people yesterday!

Brian Kusiak: Anything sexual relations outside of marriage is sin and that includes having sex with the same sex. THe Holy SPirit show me that and I had a very diffacult [sic] time with the truth and hate it, but I was convicted by God and had to trust him and gave up that life style

Sparky: I am married. My husband is sitting next to me

Brian Kusiak: Well good for you

Sparky: And we had a great time with two other people, both of whom I care very much for. I teach them safety, how to take care of themselves, how to be serious when need be, focus on being a good person, and also when let go to enjoy the life they have been given. And then we fucked.

Brian Kusiak: I used to be engaged with a man that I love but had to let him go to follow Christ. 

Sparky: That is too bad. Because Jesus would never have asked you to give that up

Brian Kusiak: I used to believe in same sex marriage but when I found Christ that changed too as well. Oh Yes he did. Because Jesus said what is marriage is. In Matthew he said that marriage is man and woman. No third party or forincation [sic]. But that is what he said and its in the bible. I just go along with his sayings. Because I follow him and I love him so deeply

Sparky: Well, I have to say, this has been so interesting. If I may, I would like to give you a piece of advice. If you don’t have the fortitude to look beyond the words of twisted men who used the bible for their own craven ends, and look to the old texts that said nothing about being gay. If you can’t go that far to be a true student of Christ, fine. But if you going to pretend to be a voice for him, please, for the love of god, learn some spelling and grammar. I would think that the glory of god would be worthy of a little better spelling.

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2 Responses to Conversing with Demons

  1. TiedFeetGuy February 17, 2014 at 9:41 AM #

    You are much braver than I. It can be like talking to a brick wall. I doubt you changed him; people like that only see what they want to see. But it was a valiant attempt. ;)

  2. SFCougar February 17, 2014 at 12:41 PM #

    It seem to me, that this person, should look into proper spelling and grammer, if he is going to go that route… but it sounds more like he is looking for an excuse to justify getting back on this site or any others like it. there are plenty of “Christian” sites he could be getting more involved in.

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