Daddy Tony

Daddy Tony began exploring the amazing world of Leather/BDSM back in the early 1990’s in Portland Oregon.

His introduction to BDSM was a bull hide flogger. The smell of the hide, the thud of the tails, and rush of endorphins sealed his fate… He’s not turned back since.

Daddy Tony moved to San Francisco in 1995 where his journey continued.  He was blessed with some amazing mentors, teachers, playmates, and friends that opened his eyes to what a Leather Community is all about.

His favorite kinks include any type of impact play, D/s energy exchange, cum control, milking, CBT, and of course any type of Bondage, from light ropes to fully encasing boys in Leather, rubber, and of course duct tape. There are plenty more kinks he enjoys, just ask for the list. J

In addition to being a sadistic Bastard, Daddy Tony has been performing Stand Up comedy up and down the West coast for years, and is looking forward to one day staring in his own sit-com or Kinky Podcast whichever comes first, oh. Wait. I guess we know who came first :)

He now lives in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest with his amazing boy!


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